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10 Things Strong Women Don’t Give a Damn About

A strong woman is like a blow torch. Feisty, bright, and will cut through steel when challenged.

Strong women are a rare find and one must cherish them and learn a thing or two from their undying spirit and strength.

They’re the non-conformists who love to live life outside of society’s prescribed set of rules for women. And there are several things they will simply not stand for.

Here are a few things strong women will not take lying down. You may know at least one strong woman in your life who’s all of this and more.

1. They do not care about what other’s think

They are a certain way and are proud to be what they are. They do not wish to change to make others like them.

2. They don’t care about society’s idea of the ‘perfect body’

Strong women understand that everybody is built differently and that society’s idea of a perfect body type does not exist. We’re more than just our bodies and it’s better to be healthy and fit rather than skinny and malnourished.

3. They are not fashion victims

It’s simple if you’re wearing a bikini you have a bikini body — the only fashion rule a strong woman would conform to. Let naysayers say what they have to, a strong woman will wear what she’s comfortable in without caring if it’s fashionably sound or not.

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4. They’re open to learning new things

While she’s open to challenge you to a debate, she will willingly step down when she knows she’s wrong. She knows that we possibly can’t know everything, and is always open to learning new things and expanding her knowledge.

5. They will end a toxic relationship

Rihanna may love the way you lie, but she will not stand by the high dose of poison you bring into a relationship that’s going into toxic territory. When she sees red flags all over, she will end it.

6. They’re not afraid to experiment in bed

Playing dead is not her favorite position, and being coy is totally not her jam. She’s an equal partner in bed and will demand what she wants and even spice things up in her own way.

7. They don’t need social media validation

While the world strives to be a #TwitterInfluencer or #InstaFamous, she’s busy making real friends and doing things that matter in the real world. She does not care if the picture she posts earns her 100+ likes and she posts what she wants even if her opinion ends up offending a few.

8. They choose comfort over the pain of looking good

While the 6-inch heels look great and make you feel amazing for the first 30 minutes, the rest of the night ends up in excruciating pain, wondering why your podiatrist is not on speed dial. Strong women do not think beauty is really worth the pain and would settle for comfort over questioning one’s life choices bare feet in a bar.

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9. They’re not into gossip

A strong woman is many things, but most of all she is defined by how content she is with her life. She doesn’t need to know how others are screwing up (or.. screwing?), and she’d rather concentrate on making her life better than pry into others’ lives.

10. They don’t care about fitting in

She is not one to conform and stereotypes are her mortal enemy. She cherishes the things that set her apart and playing by the rules is totally not her style.


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