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10 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence And Become A Better Leader

Tips to help you improve your emotional intelligence and consequently your leadership.

1. Listen twice as much as you speak

When we listen, we show people that they are valued. It gives them a chance to get grievances off their chest, which might otherwise impact their productivity.

2. Respond, rather than react

Reacting is when we unconsciously experience an emotional trigger that causes us to express that emotion.

When we respond, we notice how we are feeling and we consciously decide how we will respond.

3. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

The more we understand the perspective of others, the easier it will be for us to understand any resistance or issues that they will have.

4. Apologize directly if you are at fault

Nothing helps build trust and rapport quicker than owning up to our mistakes and apologizing.

5. Don’t interrupt or change the subject

Stay with conversation, listen, feel the emotion but try not to let it control you. It’s not easy, but it does become easier with practice.

6. Be vulnerable

We have all made mistakes or have failings, don’t look to hide them. Own them, share them, people will respect you more for it.

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7. Empathize with others

The more we understand our emotional responses, the better we will be able to comprehend and deal with others more empathetically.

Imagine yourself in their situation, how you would feel and how you would react.

8. Create a positive environment

A happy environment not only has positive health benefits for everyone, but happy people are productive people.

9. Ask don’t tell

When we ask people, we show them respect, it also changes the tone in which we ask.

When we tell people, it’s much more like a command and no one wants to be commanded.

10. Praise more

Be aware of what’s going on around you and look to praise people you see doing a good job.

The more in tune our praises is to the individuals need, the more impactful it will be.

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