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14 Signs He’s Using You And You Don’t Even Know It

Being used by a man is woman’s worst nightmare. Before entering into a relationship a woman looks to man’s sincerity. Having a sincere man is the greatest blessing for a woman. A woman always desires for a man whose intentions would be true towards her. Empathy, kindness, and virtue are some of the top most qualities a woman always looks in a man. If a man possesses all of these traits there is no doubt about the fact that he will keep his woman happy. However, at times some woman ends up being unlucky because they get into a relationship with a man whose intentions are not pure towards her. Some man does not like to prioritize woman on themselves. A woman at times gets completely blindfolded in love with the man that they allow him to use them in whatever way they want.

So, here are some of the signs given below which will help you in knowing whether the guy truly loves you or just using you:

14. Ignores Commitment Related Conversations:

A man who does not like to engage with you about commitment is the kind of guy who will never be sincere with you. If a guy does not want to take that relationship on another level then it is a sign for you that he will never be good for you. And most probably he is using you.

13. Not Genuine:

Your friends are the ones after your family who will never want something bad for you. Consult your friends before getting into a relationship with a guy or after getting into one. If they says a big “NO” for him, never ever take that opinion for granted. If they tell you the guy is not good, trust them.

12. Selfishness:

If a guy is selfish and always wants his things to be done before anyone else, you should take that as a sign. And start taking steps back.

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11. Does Not Like You To Interact With His Family:

A family is an extremely important aspect of a person’s life. If a man does not let you interact with his family or friends, do consider that as a sign that this guy is not interested in you. He is only using you. If a man values you enough then he will never hesitate in letting you meet his family and friends. He will be more than happy to introduce you to his family.

10. Dependency:

If a man always looks up to you to buy him his stuff, if he always wishes you to help him throughout his all financial issues, then definitely that man is not in love with you. Rather he is with you to use you for his own purposes. He will be there with you whenever he needs you but as soon as you will land in some trouble, he will the first one to run away.

9. Does Not Care About Your Feelings:

If a man does not care about your feelings rather always give preference to his own feelings then that man can never be a good man for you. He will always care for his own desires.

8. Wants You To Do His Stuff:

A man who always wants you to do his stuff is the kind of man who will always look out for you whenever he will be in need. Never trust that guy. Open your eyes and realize that such man only wants you to do his stuff. There is no love or care present in his heart for you.

7. Hesitates In Expressing:

Expressing your feelings every then and now is a very important tool to keep your relationship going. If a man hesitates in telling you how much you mean to him, do take notes that he will never be good for you in long run.

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6. Inconsistent:

A man who is never consistent is definitely not the right guy. His temper is cool at one moment and he is completely out of control the other moment. Then that guy is already giving you signs, pick them up.

5. Never Appreciates You:

If a man does not appreciate you for all the goos you do, then that man is not a good man. He will never find anything good in you. Instead of that, he will always keep on criticising you for all things you will do.

4. Bad Reputation:

If a man has a bad reputation in his surroundings then do realize that he is not a good guy. Never tie your love blinds so tightly that they will not let you see all the wrong stuff he does.

3. Does Not Take You Out:

If a man really loves you, he will be happy and excited to explore new things with you. But if a man is just using you then he will never take you out.

2. Eyes On Other Girls:

One of the biggest signs about the sincerity of a guy can be tested by the way he is towards other girls. If you are at a party and he keeps on checking out other girls then that man is definitely playing around with you rather than being in love.

1. Unrespectable:

Respect is an important thing in any relationship. If a man is not respectful towards you that man does not deserve to be with you. He does not deserve your love. In fact, there are higher chances that he does not love you either. But he is still with you for his personal needs.


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