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15 Lies Every Man Tells

In a perfect world, a man you’re interested in would tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But in reality, we all tell little lies here and there. Sometimes we lie to get ourselves out of sticky situations, and other times we lie simply because telling the truth could really hurt the person we care about. When it comes to men and relationships, they tend to lie to spare your feelings, and can you really blame them?

Think about what happens when we are told something we don’t want to hear. Therefore men know that by telling you the truth, it could potentially cause a lot of drama, potentially make you break down in tears, and will get them immediately sent to the doghouse. Men will continue to lie to you, but at least now you can have a list of the common fibs they tell us.

Take a look at this list of 15 lies that all men tell at some point in their lives.

#1 My Friends Think You’re Awesome

When you are dating a guy and the relationship starts to get serious, of course you want his friends to like you, too. Unfortunately, some men care way too much about what their buddies think about the women they’re dating. It’s very rare that a guy’s friends will like you to be honest. Usually, guys will become jealous of the woman who is taking up so much of their friend’s time.

So they will secretly hate you for monopolizing their bro’s life, causing him to leave them all in the dust. But don’t think for one second your guy will clue you in on this. He will lie to you and tell you that his friends think you’re awesome just to keep the peace between you all. If he were to tell you the truth, it would cause some majorly awkward situations, and no one really wants to deal with that.

#2 I’ve Never Felt Love Like This

When it comes to love and romance, guys have short term memory loss. He may tell you he has never loved anyone the way he loves you, but chances are, he told that very same line to the last girl…the girl before her…and the girl before her, too. You shouldn’t take it personally though. He’s simply living in the moment, and at that exact moment in time, all he can think about is the undying love he has for you.

When he looks at you and tells you he has never felt love like this before, just know that none of the women in his past even matter to him at this point. Even his ex who he was considering proposing to and the girl from high school who he chased for years. They’re all distant memories as of right now, and this is one lie you definitely shouldn’t get all worked up over.

#3 You’re the Only Girl Who Texts Me

Lies, lies, and more lies! Every guy will tell this lie at some point in a relationship (usually at the very beginning.) But do you really think his inbox is only full of messages from you? These days, guys don’t even have to leave the house to meet women, and finding texting buddies is as simple as scouring social media for available ladies.

This doesn’t mean he’s trying to hook up with every girl who he corresponds with, but you definitely shouldn’t believe him when he says you’re the only girl he’s talking to. If the two of you are dating, it simply means he’s keeping his options open, and he won’t be settling down with you until he’s absolutely ready But if you’re in a committed relationship and he’s still spending time sliding into other girls’ DMs, then he definitely has some explaining to do.

#4 I Fell Asleep

Don’t you just love this lie? No matter how many times we hear it, we can’t help but just shake our heads and laugh. Men need to understand that the “I feel asleep” lie is tired and stale at this point, but we have a feeling they will continue to use it until the end of time. No matter if it’s six o’clock in the evening or 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, a guy who simply doesn’t feel like talking to you on the phone will refuse to answer your calls, and he will use this lie to get out of it.

The sucky part is, you have no way of finding out if he’s actually telling you the truth. Sure, you can do some investigative work to see if he “liked” any social media posts during the time he was allegedly sleeping, but that’s just going a little too far. If you have to do all that to prove your guy is telling a fib, then maybe he just isn’t the right guy for you.

#5 You’re Prettier Than Your BFF

You’re absolutely beautiful, and you have a close knit of equally beautiful women you’ve been rolling with for years. Your BFF is what most people would consider a “baddie,” and she has no problem getting men to wine her and dine her. Random strangers stop her on the street to tell her how beautiful she is, and you definitely agree! Your BFF is hot stuff, but if you ask your guy what he thinks about her, he’ll definitely lie and say you look better.

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But the truth is, he’s probably just as attracted to your BFF as every other man is, but he knows he could never let these words escape his lips. Besides, do you really want to know that he has the hots for her? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But just because your guy thinks your BFF is gorgeous, it doesn’t mean he’s going to dump you for her. We’re all human, and we can’t help who we’re attracted to. As long as his attraction doesn’t go any further than a glance here and there, don’t worry too much about the secret crush he has on your friend.

#6 I Don’t Talk to My Ex

Ugh, ex-girlfriends. They’re always lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on your guy and steal him away from you when you least expect it. Okay, not really. But exes are quite annoying, and they can really drive you crazy if you start to believe your guy is talking to his ex behind your back. If you ask him if he is, he will surely lie to you. He knows you won’t be happy with the two of them communicating, and he doesn’t want you to think he’s trying to get back together with her.

The truth is, many exes are able to be friends long after the relationship has ended. They may still care about each other, but that definitely doesn’t mean they’re willing to give their relationship another shot. If the two of them broke up years ago, don’t be so worried about them keeping in touch, but if their breakup happened just months ago, you may have a problem on your hands.

#7 I Love Your Family

He wants to love your family, he really does, but they make it so hard for him. Your dad constantly stares him down whenever you drag him to your parents’ house, your mom is always pestering him about when he’s going to pop the question, and your sister won’t stop bugging him about hooking her up with his BFF (who isn’t interested in her, BTW.)

He secretly wishes the two of you could pack up and move to another state to get away from your meddling family, but he knows how much it would hurt you to be away from them. So he sucks it up, puts on a brave face, and tells you he loves your family. In the back of his mind, he’s hoping his relationship with them will get better over time, but until then, he’ll continue to lie to you about how much he loves spending time with your fam.

#8 My Ex Was Crazy

How many times have you met a guy who described his ex as “crazy”? A billion times, I’m sure. We hope you don’t believe them, because chances are, it’s just not true! Guys love to call their exes crazy because it helps to shift the blame off of them, and makes them look like the innocent person in the breakup.

But there are two sides to every story, and if you were to have a conversation with his ex (something we don’t recommend BTW,) she would probably have a completely different point of view about how things went down during their relationship. Perhaps she was “crazy” because he was constantly cheating on her, or maybe she was “crazy” because she would get upset when he ditched her to hangout with his friends. You know what they say, “Behind every crazy woman is a man who made her that way,” so don’t ever fall for this lie.

#9 Sure, You Can Tag Along

Your guy loves spending time with you, but he loves hanging out with his friends, as well. This is why whenever you ask to tag along with him and his buddies, he cringes. He doesn’t want to tell you no, so he lies and says, “Sure, you can tag along.” You’re probably so excited to spend some extra quality time with your boo, but he’s secretly hoping some emergency pops up that will force you to cancel on hanging out with him and his friends.

He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but he really wishes you would give him some free time with the guys. Besides, he doesn’t ask to tag along with you and your friends when you go to your monthly spa appointments, does he? Give him some space to reconnect with his pals, and stop being the third wheel. He feels bad enough that he has to lie to you, but he feels even worse when his friends beg him not to bring you along.

#10 You Look Amazing

Of course you look flawless, but sometimes you wear some pretty questionable outfits that make your guy wonder if you got dressed in the dark. Sure, chokers are back in style, but they’re not for everyone…and they sort of highlight your double chin. But if you were to ask your guy if this throwback to the 90s accessory looks good on you, he will probably lie and say yes.

When it comes to fashion, men know better than to throw in their two cents, even if you ask them for their opinion. It’s just much safer for them to keep their true thoughts to themselves so they don’t hurt your feelings. But deep down inside, he’s hoping that choker gets lost in your jewelry box, or better yet, he’s praying your BFF clues you in that chokers are a trend that just don’t look that good on you.

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#11 Yes, I’m Listening

Guys have super short attention spans…unless their watching their favorite sports team play (seriously, who has the time to sit and watch an eight-hour long baseball game? Your boyfriend, that’s who!) So when it comes to communicating with your guy, it is always best to get to the point, and keep your conversations short and sweet. If you start rambling on and on, and telling him a story that lasts longer than 30 minutes, he’ll surely doze off.
And when you ask him if he’s paying attention to you, he’ll lie and say “Yes, I’m listening.” He doesn’t want to be rude and let you know that the story about how you lost your pet turtle in the fourth grade is boring him to tears, so he pretends to be paying attention to you, while secretly wishing, hoping and praying that you STFU sometime soon. This doesn’t mean you can’t tell him stories about your childhood but try keeping them short and sweet.

#12 My Mom Loves You

It would be great if his mother loved you the second she met you, but chances are, she doesn’t think you’re the right girl for her precious little boy. Maybe she thinks you’re not educated enough, she doesn’t like your questionable taste in fashion, or perhaps she doesn’t like your sense of humor. Either way, she’s probably secretly waiting for the day the two of you break up, but for now, she’ll play nice. Your guy is well aware of his mom’s feelings for you, but he will never tell you the truth.

Every time you ask him if his mom likes you, he will say yes, but he’ll feel awful for lying to you. The truth is, he hopes that one day maybe you’ll actually grow on his mom, and the two of you will become pals. But for now, he hopes you don’t catch his mom rolling her eyes every time you start telling one of your corny jokes.

#13 This Tastes Amazing

He appreciates the fact that you want to feed him, but the truth is, your cooking is less than stellar. As a matter of fact, every dish you make looks the same, smells the same, tastes the same, and it makes him gag almost immediately. He knows that you just slaved in the kitchen for four hours to make him a homemade turkey pot pie, but sometimes he wishes you would just order takeout instead.

Maybe over time you will get better in the kitchen, but for now, he will lie to you and say everything you make taste amazing. Don’t take it personal, it just means you need a little more practice in order to get things right. But for now, he will lie about your cooking skills, while he reluctantly shoves all of your disgusting concoctions down his throat. He might even be stopping by his moms place to fill up before going to see you.

#14 I’ll Call You Back

As women, we always fall for this lie…again…and again…and again. Men use this lie to get out of boring phone conversations, and they never really have any intentions on ever calling you back. So while you’re sitting by your cell phone waiting for it to light up, he is probably out shooting pool with his buddies and chugging beers until he blacks out. Calling you back is just not on his to-do list!

So when he tells you he will give you a ring later, take it with a grain of salt, and just know it means he won’t be reaching out to you anytime soon. Some guys don’t consciously tell this lie. Sometimes they do plan on calling you back, but something else more important pops up. Before they know it, it’s 11 p.m., and you’re already asleep. Oops! But either way, don’t take this lie too seriously. Just know that he’s being a typical guy!

#15 You’re the Best I’ve Ever Had

Have you ever had a guy tell you that you’re the best he has ever had? Maybe he was referring to you being the best lover, the best girlfriend, or the best companion. Either way, he was likely lying. Guys throw this line out there all the time, and they do it to earn some major brownie points from you. He knows that by telling you this lie, you will immediately get weak in the knees, your heart will start fluttering, and you will look at him with googly eyes.

The truth is, he has probably used this same line on all of his ex-girlfriends, and they all fell for it, too. You’re not the first girl to fall into his trap, and you may not be the last, but at least you’ll know the next time he tries to you use this line on you that he’s full of it!

By Stassi Reid Via theTalko

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