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16 Signs You’re Ready To Be Single

A lot of us crave being in a relationship. We want love. But sometimes after a while, that person you loved isn’t who you thought they were. The faster you realize that, the sooner you’ll be better off. Things happen and sometimes you need to reach the conclusion that breaking off the relationship is better than being in it.

The signs below might appear small, but they’re good indicators that you might be ready to be single. Share with someone who needs to re-evaluate their relationship.

1. When You Stop Calling To Check-In

At the start of your relationship, you used to call just to check in. That’s stopped. Now it feels like a chore to call your partner.

2. When Your Bed Is Empty

Either you stay up later or just don’t like sleeping in the same bed as your partner. It shows how you truly feel.

3. When You Stop Wanting To Hold Hands

Holding hands is more than just about loving the touch of your significant other. It’s also a way to show the world who you are with.

4. When Silence Is Awkward

Those silent moments used to be normal, but now they’re just awkward. You try and force conversation, so it isn’t so quiet.

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5. When You Fight

Fighting has become a daily occurrence. You can’t remember the last time you two didn’t get into an argument.

6. When You Start Flirting

You go out with your friends and unconsciously find yourself flirting. In your head it’s harmless, but is it really?

7. When You Walk Away

Now it’s easy for you to walk away from an argument. In fact, you feel relieved. This shows how little you care about the outcome.

8. When Time Together Isn’t Personal

You would rather be texting on your phone or checking out YouTube videos than talking with your partner. Serious red flag here.

9. When You Take Out Every Annoyance On Your Partner

Everyone has bad days, but if you’re constantly complaining about everything and taking your frustrations out on your partner, there’s a problem.

10. When You Prefer Your Friends

You used to look forward to going out with your partner. Now you prefer going out with your friends.

11. When You Buy For Yourself

You used to be excited to buy your partner gifts. Now you prefer to spend money on yourself.

12. When You Fight In Public

Couples fighting in public used to be appalling to you. Now you fight with your partner openly anywhere.

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13. When You Plan Your Future

You used to plan your future with your partner in mind. Now you only think about YOUR future.

14. When You Ignore Texts

Getting a text from your partner used to put a smile on your face. Now it’s easy to ignore those texts and reply whenever you feel like it.

15. When You Go On Solo Activities

From going on walks to grabbing coffees together, you used to love doing activities with your partner. Nowadays you enjoy doing things on your own.

16. When It’s Your Time

Sometimes you just know that it’s time to move on. It’s a gut feeling and you should listen to it.


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