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30 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Actually Have Self-Respect Now

#1: Not accepting apologies that aren’t likely to be genuine or lived up to.

#2: Choosing to maximize your enjoyment in life rather than your income in life.

#3: Saying “no” more: you’re still willing to help other people in need, but you’ve come to realize that you can’t properly help anyone until you’ve properly helped yourself by taking time to release and recharge your energy.

#4: Choosing to find something better to do anytime a hangout session turns in to a gossip or small-talk party.

#5: Walking away from people and relationships as opposed to devoting time and energy to them which will only drain and waste time you could spend doing something positive, productive, or relaxing.

#6: No longer feeling the need to justify your thoughts, beliefs, words, or actions.

#7: Not feeling guilty for not answering calls, texts, or emails within minutes of receiving them.

#8: Deciding for yourself precisely when to go out, when to stay in, when to leave, and when to return.

#9: Standing up for yourself and your opinions when they are taken out of context or not given the credit they’re worthy of.

#10: No longer feeling the need to live up to any stereotype whatsoever.

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#11: Not feeling guilty for changing your mind about something after giving it further thought or after circumstances have changed.

#12: Not keeping up to speed on every single person’s latest status update or tweet.

#13: Speaking up anytime you witness an injustice occurring.

#14: Letting people think what they want if attempting to set them straight will only be a waste of time.

#15: Avoiding excessive drinking.

#16: Avoiding excessive spending.

#17: Not adhering to advice and diets that are likely to be out of date and practice in a few months anyway.

#18: Not worrying about your Facebook or Twitter “images.”

#19: Being creative and spontaneous whenever it feels right to do so.

#20: Not helping people after their hypocritical actions have ended in disaster.

#21: Not doing inept coworkers’ work for them.

#22: Dressing in order to express your personality rather than to show-off.

#23: Being genuinely happy for those who succeed as opposed to being envious or jealous of them.

#24: Not trying to get everyone to like or approve of you.

#25: Enjoying the truth that not everyone does like or approve of you.

#26: Making decisions that you truly believe are right so that you can truly own them (and their consequences, whether good or bad).

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#27: Not putting more into relationships than you get out of them.

#28: Not allowing yourself to be taken advantage of or victimized.

#29: Not being lazy or procrastinating.

#30: Seeing and living life like it’s a gift—and genuinely realizing that it actually is.


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