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4 Excellent Diets for Summer

In summer, it is much easier to lose weight. And it is very much just around the corner. It is in these three productive months that our physical activity increases, regardless of lifestyle and weight. Even without much effort, you can lose a few pounds that you’ve gained after winter. Today we will talk about the 4 best summer diets that we know of. 

The abundance of greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries will help to find harmony without strict diets. But in addition to that, one can put in some effort into their diet and manage their appetite. In this case, the results will greatly please everyone who truly wants to lose weight. 

You can start a decisive battle against excess weight right now, not waiting for the next Monday. Fortunately, we have some allies in our battle against these nasty pounds  a sincere desire to lose weight, a little culinary fantasy, and enviable resistance to the temptations in the form of high-calorie foods. 

We are sure that you are going to find a suitable diet that will fit all of your culinary needs. 

1. Salad Diet 

It is incredibly easy to get the freshest greens when it’s summer outside! They are absolutely everywhere, even in the smallest of grocery stores; thus, you have no possible excuse to avoid them. 

Green salads with fresh vegetables are tasty, appetizing, and are absolutely stacked with vitamins. You can experiment with cabbage, cucumbers, onions, spinach, and other goodies. 

But a special salad diet is a little bit stricter, as we are planning on getting all of the vitamins that our body needs. 

You should use this diet for no more than 2 weeks. This is the best option if, for example, you are planning to get into the best shapes for the holidays. If you like salads, then this is the way to go  it will help you lose up to 7 kg of weight in two weeks. 

First week 

During the day, you can drink 1 liter of 1% kefir. 

Breakfast: drink a glass of water with lemon 30 minutes before salad. Make a fruit salad of green apple, pear, orange and dress it with 1% yogurt. 

Lunch and dinner: make a salad with any vegetables, except potatoes, and add a little lemon juice or olive oil to it. 

Second week 

It is pretty much the same; the only difference is that you should add 100 g of lean unsalted meat to your lunch. 

During the diet, you can drink tea and lemon water but nothing else. In order not to overeat, try not to cook large portions and eat them throughout the day. 

This diet is perfect if you want to look like a model in a short amount of time. Just look at the ladies of this Ukrainian women dating site, ask them for some advice; they know their craft. 

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2. Extreme 2-day diet  

In summer, many women seek to look as good as they possibly can. But, as always, most women decide to postpone any form of commitment to when the summer comes around. 

In this case, there are extreme diets. We should say that you should not expect much from two days of any diet, but the menu below describes the most effective way of losing pounds in a short amount of time. It is useful for everyone, even if you aren’t fatIf you have just a few days before your vacation or holidays – this should be your pick. 


1st day: you need to eat 4 apples, 1 big lemon, a piece of lean, boiled meat, and 3 medium crackers. 

2nd day: if you want to achieve a better result, eat the same products as you did on the first day. 

As a result of 2 days of battling your culinary temptations, you will lose about 1.5-2 kilograms of excess weightThis diet can be repeated, but don’t overdo it. 

3. Soup diet 

This diet will take you just a week. The essence of this diet is the daily consumption of cabbage soup. The main thing about is that it has little to no calories in it, but it is quite wholesome and filling. 

The main advantage of the cabbage soup is that it can be consumed in any amount and at any time of the day  even after 6 pm. If you follow this diet and don’t cheat on it with sweets and fatty meats, you are going to lose around 5 kg per week. This diet can be repeated multiple times, as it has pretty much all of the vitamins that the body needs. 

The diet consists of only non-fat foods. In addition, to skim cabbage soup, you can eat vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. 

Soup recipe 

6 large onions, 6 bouillon cubes, parsley, 2 sweet peppers, half a large head of cabbage, 2 cans of tomatoes (400 g) and fresh tomatoes, 4 large carrots. Chop the vegetables, put them in the broth, and cook them for 1 hour. Season it with soy and a mixture of fragrant seasonings. 


1st day: Eat various fruits (except bananas) and as much soup as you wish. The calorie content of this food is so low that if you follow the recipe and the diet, you can lose up to 1.5 kg per day. 

Day 2: Eat a variety of vegetables, either raw or boiled, as long as you can, excluding peas and beans. Of course, as always, eat as much soup as you like. 

3rd day: fruits and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes. And, of course, the soup. 

4th day: bananas (5-6 pieces), skimmed milk, and, of course, soup. 

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5th day: about 300-400 g of boiled beef or chicken breast without skin or fish and tomatoes and at least 6 glasses of water, soup. 

6th day: eat beef with salad (tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, green sweet pepper) – as much as you want, and, of course, soup. Fruits are prohibited. 

7th day: boiled rice without butter and salad; vegetables/roots, fruits, juice without sugar; drink tea or coffee all day long, as you wish. Do not forget the soup. 

During the diet, you can drink only mineral water, tea, coffee without sugar and vegetable juicesYou should avoid any kind of alcohol. 

If you want to lose even more excess weight before the holidays, be sure to check out this article that contains lots of tips on the summer workout routine for women. 

4. Raw foods 

There are lots of people who like this sort of diet. They are happy to eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, herbs, and they do it raw. 

Eating uncooked foods is a type of strict vegetarian low-fat diet. To stick to this formula of nutrition is very difficult! Meat, fish, poultry, milk are excluded from the diet. 

For women, short-term consumption of raw foods helps to cope with gynecological diseases  for example, doctors prescribe to eat raw foods for 2-4 weeks in case of chronic premenstrual syndrome, menstrual pains, and cystic-fibrous mastopathy. 

For a couple of weeks, eating mostly raw foods can get rid of excess weight and clean the digestive tract. This will improve your health and strengthen the immune system. 

Raw food will remove toxins from the body and makes it a lot stronger. At first, you are going to feel fatigued, headaches are possible, but soon, the state of health will return back to normal, and in the morning, you are going to feel fresh and energetic. 


Breakfast: a glass of almonds soaked overnight, 1.5 cups of cereal. 

The second breakfast: a glass of juice (mix banana juice with carrot or orange). 

Lunch: a large portion of lettuce (leaf lettuce, green vegetables, tomatoes and 0.5 cups of sunflower seeds) with lemon juice or vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. 

Snack: a glass of juice (mix celery juice, carrots, beets). 

Early dinner: 0.5 cups of seeds with raisins or apples. 

Dinner: a large portion of salad (dried seaweed, avocados, various vegetables, including leafy ones) with lemon juice or vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. 

Bedtime: carrots and any medium-sized fruit. 

Beginners should not eat raw foods for more than 2 weeks in a row. At this time, make sure that your plate contains vegetables and fruits of different colors; eat more seeds, legumes, and cereals, as well as oatmeal, some bread; eat around 5 to 6 times a day; take multivitamin and mineral supplements. 

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