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5 Ways To Use The Strong Energy Of The Full Moon (2 Days Before And After It)

Feng Shui guidelines: 5 ways to use the energy of the Full Moon

Full moon energy can be good for you only if you use it right. It can increase the level of your positive energy, but it can also stir your emotions …

The Full Moon brings an enormous amount of energy and therefore it’s better for you to stay calm. Otherwise, it won’t have a positive effect on you.

Everything that happens in your body, mind and spirit will be enhanced during the full moon. If you are a little mad, you will get even madder. If you are happy, you will be happier. This energy is very strong and you need to give it the right directions.

The following five feng shui advice (for two days before and two days after the full moon) will help you properly use its energy.

1. Refrain

Do not get into arguments, discussions, quarrel – just don’t get angry. Full Moon is a time to be quiet, to find your peace, to let go of some things. Take a deep breath and forgive others who did you wrong.

If you can’t avoid discussing an important matter , at least make an effort to do it at least two days after the Full Moon. Everything that happens now will be overemphasized. Therefore, try to maintain balance and good energy.

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2. Think Positive

We should always think positively, especially during a Full moon. Just do not overdo it, because during this period everything is amplified, and your positive thoughts can multiply to the point that you lose a realistic view of everything around you.

Just five minutes of positive thoughts a day is quite enough to “get through” it. For example, you can write a letter to the Universe expressing gratitude for everything you have. You can not stand before a mirror and give yourself a compliment, or can walk and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

3. Let your imagination run wild

Imagine that all your dreams are coming true. The period of the full moon is the perfect time for improving this technique. Think about your goals and put them all on paper. Also, you can use the strong flow of positive energy to create your wish list.

Write them down on small colorful pieces of paper and pin them on a board. The more cheerful, colorful and picturesque you make it, the better. All that time you spent daydreaming of meeting your goals, will only help them realize faster because of the energy inflow brought by the Full Moon.

4. Meditate

You can meditate alone or in a group. Since the full moon pours so much energy into us, meditation will be of great help to stay calm.

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5. Send some good energy to those who need it.

When the strongest full moon energy wave passes , send some good energy, forgiveness and kindness to your friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers. Send some peaceful energy to the people who are suffering, who are hungry, who are affected by war…Make sure the energy that you are sending comes from the heart.


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