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7 Signs Your Personality Is So Unique That Most People Can’t Handle You

Do you ever get the feeling that you see the world differently to others? Like you notice things that other people don’t? It’s not that you’re “weird”. It’s just that you see the world more “deeply” than others.

After all, you’re curious, intelligent and complex, and in the age of technology and automated sensualized news feeds, these traits aren’t exactly common.

Rather than fitting into the limited box society has created for you, you’ve decided to think for yourself and create your own path.

While there are many benefits to this, it can also mean that most people find it hard to handle you.

If you think this might be the case, you might identify with these 7 signs:

1) You say what you mean and mean what you say

So many people are afraid to speak their mind because they don’t want to be criticized.

They don’t want to be seen as “weird” for thinking differently than everyone else.

But you’re not like this.

You have to express what you’re feeling because it would be inauthentic not to. It would be superficial, and in your mind, nothing good ever comes from superficial communication.

You know that if you’re going to develop meaningful connections with others and make a positive impact in life, then you have to ignore the naysayers and express yourself fully. It’s the only way.

2) You don’t depend on others for your happiness

We’ve all been there. You know, the relationship that consumes your whole being and then when it’s all over, you feel utterly traumatized.

But this was a learning lesson you didn’t take for granted. It made you realize that the only way forward is being happy with who you are, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

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You love having authentic relationships, but you also know that it’s your responsibility to look after yourself.

As Buddha said:

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

3) You hate small-talk

It’s not so much the boring questions that annoys you. It’s the routine, superficial answers that irks you to your core.

When someone says “I’m good”, it lacks so much meaning that it really shouldn’t be said.

This is why you stay away from small-talk. For you, it only serves to reinforce the robotic robots that most people have become.

You want to know how someone is really doing. You want them to be honest, to express themselves and not care about other people judging them.

You want to know the purpose behind someone’s actions and what they really find joyful in life. These are the kinds of conversations that get your juices flowing.

4) Action is what matters to you

We all know that person that’s a smooth talker. They say all the right things and seem ridiculously articulate, but when it comes down to it, they don’t back it up with action.

This is even more the case with the rise of the Internet. You can appear how you want to appear without backing it up with results.

These superficial words can fool most people, but not you.

You know that action is the only thing that matters. You use your critical thinking skills to assess whether someone is the real deal.

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You’ve become so good at it that you can smell bullshit from a mile away.

5) You love to listen to others and learn about other people

Learning is what gets your juices flowing. And when you learn about someone else, it makes you feel like you’re entering a whole new beautiful and complex world.

This makes you an amazing conversationalist, because the other person feels like they’re the only person on the planet at the time.

This immediately puts others at ease and makes them comfortable.

You know that too many people’s egos drive conversations. But when you’re in conversation, egos are checked at the door.

6) You can’t stand insensitivity, idiocy or ignorance

Your self-taught knowledge is something you’re immensely proud of.
So when others make instant judgments about people and things they don’t know anything about, it irks you to your core.

You’ve put time into your brain and you encourages others to do the same.
In a world of Google and algorithmic newsfeeds you have no control over, you know that thinking for yourself is one of the most important qualities one can have.

7) You don’t seek attention

Craving attention because of your looks or status is something you simply can’t understand.

You know it’s superficial, fleeting and ultimately meaningless.

You’d rather be recognized for your complexity and depth. That’s why you take time to get know someone. You know there’s so much more to a person than what appears on the surface.


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