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7 very effective yoga poses for beautiful breasts

Healthy living and exercise are vital to building a strong body. For those that are interested in building beautiful breasts, these yoga poses are effective at improving your breast, lung capacity, and build strong muscles for a better you!

Triangle Pose

The Triangle Pose is also known as Trikonasana, and it focuses on strengthening your thorax and spine, as well as improving your blood flow. To do this pose-

Place your feet apart. The left foot will be at a 90-degree angle and the right one 15 degrees. Take your left hand and touch your left ankle. From there, stretch your right arm towards the sky and keep a straight line. Make sure to keep your knees and spine straight too. look towards your right fingers and then repeat towards the other side.

Warrior Pose

The warrior pose, also known as the Virabhadrasana, is a pretty standard one in the world of yoga, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. This also works on your thorax!

To do this pose start by putting your feet wide apart parallel to one another. Turn your left foot (the front foot) and turn it 90 degrees, and bend your front knee out. Raise your arms to parallel the legs, and place them in line with your shoulders. Turn your head forward and look above your wrist.

Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose is a fantastic pose for lungs, abs, and your posture! The photo above represents a slightly different variation of this pose.

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This pose requires you to sit on your stomach and inhale. From there, slowly raise your upper half of your body while keeping your lower half on the floor the entire time. Most of your weight will rest on your arms and legs. Slowly breathe out and go back down to the floor.

Bow Pose

Dhanurasana is known as the bow pose, and it’s the perfect relief for backaches and great for your spine! Start on your stomach, breathe out, and bend your knees. Then try to reach for your ankles. Pull your legs upwards as much as possible, stay in this position for roughly thirty minutes, and then let go of your ankles and go back down.

Supported Headstand

Salamba Sirsasana, also known as the supported headstand, is one for the experienced yogi, but definitely worth it for those that can do it. The pose is great for ligaments and muscles of the spine and thorax. It also improves breathing and blood flow, so this one is truly fantastic!

Start on your knees and place your forearms on the floor. Clasp your hands together behind the back of your head to form a support for your head and neck. Bend your knees and then slowly raise your feet up. Stay in this position anywhere from 30-seconds to 2 minutes!

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Wheel Pose

The Wheel Pose is often great for headaches, but beyond that, there’s a whole range of magic the Chakrasana pose can bring- the thorax, spine, and neck are strengthened and it also lifts fatigue! This pose starts on your back, and place your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands behind your head with your palms down so your fingers point towards the back, and then lift up. Stay in this pose for roughly 30 seconds!

Camel Pose

The Ustrasana pose, also known more commonly as the Camel Pose, is a great aid against backaches. It’s also great with lung volume and the thorax! To do this, stand on your knees. Make sure to place your feet together, and then slowly begin to bring your head backward while putting your hands on your feet. Arch your back and stretch your ribs. Your head should feel heavy and direct towards the ground! Stay in this for thirty seconds or so.

With these yoga moves, you’re sure to be one step closer to the body of your dreams. Healthy for both inside and outside of your body, there’s no excuse to not do these poses throughout the day!

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