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8 Rothschild Family Facts That You Need To Know

Things you should know about the secretive banking dynasty

The Rothschild family are one of the most, if not the most, powerful dynasties in the world, and they have been ever since Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded their first banking business in his native country, Germany, back in the 1760s.Since then they have amassed a vast worldwide empire and not only control most of the world’s banks, but also most of the major news agencies, newspapers and TV networks in the US.

A lot of people of heard of the Rothschild name before, and have probably heard rumours about events that they have had a hand in, but let’s have a look at some of the facts about the family.

1. Nobody actually knows their net worth

The family don’t appear on the Forbes Rich List, and their wealth is divided between different family members who are spread out around the world, but nobody actually knows what their combined net worth is. Estimates put it anywhere between $350 billion to $500 trillion!

2. The Rothschilds knew about Napoleon’s defeat first

The Rothschilds had such an efficient system of couriers that they knew Napoleon had lost at Waterloo a day before the government did. Nathan Rothschild kept it secret and immediately bought up the government bond market. He then sold the bonds for an enormous 40% profit two years later.

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3. Lord Rothschild had a carriage driven by zebras

Lord Walter Rothschild, an immensely wealthy banker and zoologist, drove a carriage harnessed to six zebras regularly to prove that zebras could be tamed.

4. Derek de Rothschild built a boat made from plastic

Derek de Rothschild built a six-person catamaran out of 12,500 plastic bottles and sailed it 8,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean with his crew.

5. The Rothschilds and JP Morgan bailed out the government

In 1895, the US was suffering one of the worst recessions in history and the government was running so low on gold, that they feared they would default on their debts. President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, knew this but wanted to avoid default. He contacted Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild to help, who in turn contacted J.P. Morgan.

Between them, they came up with enough money to loan the government the money to pay their debts, avoid defaulting and save the US Treasury.Naturally, this loan was paid back with interest…

6. They fix all of the gold prices

The price of gold is determined twice each business day on premises of the Rothschild’s by the five members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd

7. Rio Tinto was owned by the Rothschilds and the Queen

Mining giant Rio Tinto was founded by a venture backed by the Rothschild family. Queen Elizabeth 2 was a shareholder through a secret bank account.

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8. Their mansion in France is better than a king’s castle

German Emperor William made this remark in regards to the Rothschild mansion in France: “Kings couldn’t afford this. It could only belong to a Rothschild!”


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