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9 Chivalry Habits Of Men That Can Make Any Woman’s Heart Melt

If you go by the major #trends in today’s society, no one would fault you for deciding that yes, chivalry is dead, men are pigs, and there’s no hope out there for an honest girl.

After all, with the dating scene turning into the tinder roulette wheel, cheating men (and women) running wild, and the booty call reigning supreme, who could blame you?

And yet…

And yet, there are men out there who still go the extra mile. Men out there who haven’t forgotten how important one small gesture can be to make someone’s entire day (or week!)

Men who know the true meaning of the word gentleman.

So in that spirit, here are 9 habits that you’ll find in that rare, seemingly close to extinct species of man…

The Chivalrous Gentleman:

1. Surprises You With Flowers

OK, so we’re going to go corny first. Sue me, it’s my list, I can write it how I want to.

Most cheaters/deadbeats/losers know to send flowers on Valentine’s day, but it’s a rare man who knows that a bouquet he picked up from the supermarket can win him major MAJOR points and leave a girl glowing for days.

2. Puts In The Time With Your Family And Friends

How many guys have you known that are happy to hang out (as long as it’s between the hours of midnight and 8am and involves sex)?

Guys that are actually willing to spend time with not just you but the people you care about are rare – and valuable.

Dudes that are willing to put in the time with your parents and make an effort with your friends are keepers, and their actions say a lot about their character.

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3. Squeezes Extra Tight During A Hug

Ah, the hug. Known as kissing’s less sexy cousin, the significance of the hug has fallen by the wayside in recent years.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when a guy puts a little extra *oomph* into a hug, just to let you know he really means it.

That’s the kind of connection that a really special guy puts in the effort to make.

4. Helps You Into Your Coat

Yes, I know, we can put on our own damn coats… but it’s not about that.

It’s about a guy deciding to spontaneously make your life easier, or offer you his jacket when it’s cold outside. It’s about showing you that he cares.

5. Opens The Door For You

This is something you’re more likely to get out of your grandfather than your most recent plentyoffish match, and yet it speaks volumes about his character.

If he makes the effort to get out of his car and open the passenger side door for you, it tells you a lot about the kind of guy he is – not to mention shows you that he’s willing to go the extra mile even when it’s not expected.

One word: keeper.

6. Walks Between You And Traffic

I remember the first time a guy positioned himself on the outside of me on the sidewalk I didn’t know what he was doing.

But then I realized that he was instinctually shielding my body from traffic – and in that moment my heart melted.

7. Watches Your Favorite Show With You

OK, so maybe he doesn’t like Downton Abbey. Maybe Broad City isn’t his thing (but come on, if it isn’t just dump him. That show is amazing). Maybe he prefers The Daily Show to Girls.

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But he’s willing to watch with you anyway. More than that – he’s glad to just spend the time with you, and doesn’t expect anything in return.

That’s chivalry.

8. Gives You The Last Bite Of His Food

He knows you’ve been eying his french fries since the moment he carried them to the table.

The real test is whether he eats them all anyway – or he saves you a few because he knows how bad you want them.

Stick to the guys who put your cravings before their desire for those last few bites.

9. Puts Gas In The Tank

Let’s face it – borrowing someone’s car is a big deal. You’re being put in charge of a couple of tons of metal and machinery with no supervision or oversight.

Which is why it should be common courtesy to be generous and grateful for the favor. It should be – but it’s not.

That’s why finding a guy who’s willing to say thank you with his mouth AND his wallet is such a great find – and someone you should put in the effort to hold onto.

These are just 9 small ways that the more chivalrously inclined gentlemen show that they care for you… and when you see them, it can put a warm, happy feeling in your stomach for the rest of the day.

So in today’s era of tinder and booty calls, it’s always nice to be reminded that no, chivalry is not dead. You just have to find one of the good ones.

By Rebecca Mercy Via Vixendaily

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