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9 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With The Girl Who Cries A Lot

You might think that just because you have a girlfriend who tends to cry a lot, you have it a lot worse than most guys. But you would think wrong. You shouldn’t really be worrying about having a woman who tends to put on the waterworks a lot. We are all human beings after all.

We all get overwhelmed at times by our own feelings and emotions. And sometimes, there are those of us who tend to feel things a lot more immensely than others. We all have our breaking points and we shouldn’t be so quick to judge other people for whenever they break down themselves.

And yes, there are some girls who cry a lot more because they are so sensitive. You might be in a relationship with that girl but you shouldn’t see it as a burden. In fact, you can even choose to see it as a gift.

You might think that she’s being such a handful by crying all of the time. You might be annoyed at the idea of being in a relationship with a girl who seems to attract drama a lot. But you shouldn’t be at all. In fact, there are 10 reasons why being in a relationship with a girl who cries a lot is actually a good thing:

1. She is never going to be shy about expressing her feelings and emotions. You are never going to have o worry about her hiding how she feels about you, your relationship, or anything else. She’s always going to come clean to you. She’s always going to wear her heart on her sleeve in an effort to stay real, genuine, honest, and transparent towards you.

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2. You are always going to be able to tell if there’s a problem that you need to fix. One of the biggest problems that a lot of couples face in relationships is the inability to tell that a problem exists in the first place. But you won’t really have to worry about that with her. She’s always going to be able to express when something needs fixing. And you won’t have to be reading her mind.

3. You know that she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t really hold on to any hate in her heart. She doesn’t carry any grudges. She’s the kind of girl who has any emotional baggage. Crying is a natural response to whenever we are overwhelmed by our feelings and emotions. And when she cries, she lets go of all those negative feelings to make space for positivity in her life. Once she’s done crying, she’s going to spread positivity wherever she goes.

4. She is a less stressful person to be around because she doesn’t get stressed anymore after she’s had a good cry. Some people hold all of their negative feelings and emotions inside. And that can result in them being constantly irritable and tense. However, the girl who cries has released all of that tension and pressure along with her tears.

5. You know that she’s always going to have a box of tissues around wherever she goes. She can be very handy whenever the time comes wherein you will need some tissues. You can always rely on her to have a spare Kleenex lying around for you to use whenever necessary.

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6. She is a mentally stronger person. You shouldn’t see crying as a sign of weakness. That is an age-old idea that a lot of insecure people say to make them feel better about themselves. The truth is that crying is actually a sign of strength. It shows that a person isn’t afraid of coming to terms with their own vulnerability as they face trials and adversity in this life.

7. She is going to be very kind, empathetic, and sensitive. She is an emotional girl. She knows how hard life can be because she has felt overwhelmed a lot of times in the past. That is why she is always going to be mindful of the situations and struggles that other people might be going through. She is always going to try to help those who feel lost and helpless because she knows what it feels like to be in that position.

8. You know that she really does trust you whenever she lets herself cry in front of you. It shows that she isn’t afraid of revealing her vulnerability towards you. She wants you to see that she’s capable of being her true self in front of you. It goes to show that she’s comfortable enough with you to just let it all out there into the open.

9. You get a chance to take care of her. At the end of the day, if you truly love a person, you would always want to do whatever you can to make them feel your love. And she’s going to give you plenty of opportunities to do so.

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