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Bedbug Facts Everyone Should be Aware Of

When you hear the words, “Bed bugs”, it automatically tends to evoke an unpleasant feeling. The idea of being surrounded by these insects causes several mental and physical disturbances. However, there is one relief that the infestations do not transmit any form of the disease. In the past few years, the growing cases of this infestation in different spaces, be it residential or commercial, have been rising. So, it is important to understand as to why these bed bugs are attracted to us and what implications they can have. Let us go through a few such significant facts:

  1. Bed bugs are not easy to spot. Therefore, you should be careful and alert about your surroundings and not think they aren’t there. It is important that you take a close look at the cracks, crevices of cushions and mattresses and other such difficult spaces. They will rarely or never be seen in the open except when the infestation is extremely serious and on a large scale.
  2. The bugs are very much attracted to warmth and therefore, they hide in such closed areas. This also makes them attracted to human skin, which is warm, especially at night during sleep. Hence, the bed bugs are the most active at night when their targets are sleeping, making it their prime feeding time. They bite the exposed areas like legs, neck, hands, arms and even face.
  3. The bite of the bed bugs isn’t painful during the feeding time. This is because they release anticoagulant, which acts as a blood thinner, and an anesthetic which creates a numbing effect. The typical feeding time of these insects happen to be 5-10 minutes, but the pain of a bed bug bite isn’t realized for at least an hour. Also, the bites can look familiar with other insect bites. You can recognize the same by finding red and itchy bites that are lined up on the skin in a row.
  4. There is no treatment required for the bite of bed bugs. Itching is the common compliant and nothing beyond this is experienced usually. However, the itching may become severe in a few cases and the same can be cured with oral antihistamines or steroid creams. Whether serious or not, ensure that you clean the affected part with soap and water to prevent an infection. You should also avoid scratching and consult a doctor without delay if there is no relief in the itching.
  5. In case the infestation is severe, there can or maybe chances of multiple bed bug bites to appear on the skin. The bite usually takes a minimum of 4 weeks to heal, but with the infestation not taken care of, new bites can appear. Moreover, studies have shown that people can get different reactions to the same in the various stages of evolution of the insects.
  6. An uneasiness while sitting in your home or a sense of anxiety is common as a result of bed bug infestation. Many people also experience sleeplessness which results in hampering physical and mental health. This happens out of fear of getting bitten by the bugs or due to the worry of any family member being the prey. Hence, victims of bed bug infestations have high chances to experience stress and anxiety.
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To eliminate the presence of bed bugs, it is highly recommended to seek professional help from the experts in the industry. Like several cities across the United States, Portland is one such city that falls prey to the attack of bed bugs often. Seeking immediate professional guidance is a must and Custom Bed Bug can help in the elimination of the bugs when necessary. The use of advanced equipment along with safe treatment procedures is of utmost significance for effective results. Only these experts are equipped with a set of necessary tools and chemicals that prove essential for the complete removal of the pests.

Why Seek Professional Bed Bug Solutions?

Bed bugs are notorious and now, we can all agree to the fact that they aren’t easy to find and eliminate. Only through professional help, one can be assured of a satisfactory result because:

  1. The professionals are trained to understand the level of infestation and accordingly, provide a solution.
  2. They ensure that the necessary treatment is done without causing damage of any kind to the other belongings of the property. This can range from the set of furniture and wallpapers to utensils and fabrics.
  3. The service providers provide multiple service plans that are designed to suit the specific needs of customers.
  4. The solutions provided to each customer comes with a guarantee. Therefore, in case of any issue with the solutions provided, you can immediately call the experts to assist you with the needs again.
  5. They are knowledgeable and efficient in their jobs. This ensures that the experts use only certified products that prove effective for elimination while causing no harm to your health.
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When it comes to controlling the bed bugs, it is definitely not a case of experimenting and introducing new techniques oneself. However, you can take some measures on your own that may help to prevent the infestation:

  • Use protective covers on your mattresses and sofas to eliminate the hiding spots.
  • As bed bugs have a dark shade, they can be easier to spot on any light-colored fabric.
  • Be sure to purchase and use only good quality encasement. This will prevent the fabric from getting damaged easily.
  • Make it a habit to check and clean the encasement regularly for spaces where the bugs can easily enter. If you find anything of the sort, remove or treat it without delay.
  • Vacuum regularly. The heat and air pressure of the machine may allow reducing the presence of the insects in their hiding places.
  • In case you come across any cracks or holes on the walls or furniture, do not waste a minute further and mend them immediately. These spaces are the favorite hiding places.

It is remarkable to see how these small bugs can successfully destroy properties and people residing in them. They shouldn’t be taken lightly under any circumstances and an immediate step to eliminate their presence should be taken.

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