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Dabbing 101: All you need to know

There have been many debates, arguments, and even hype around the global move towards the legalization of the psychoactive plant called marijuana. With so much talk revolving around it, it is quite hard to go even a single day without coming across something weed-related. Topics such as new ways to enjoy your favorite strains and even breakthroughs in clinical research on the potential benefits of this plant have been coming up extensively. Concentrates have been at the forefront of discussion for medical uses, giving out a powerful way to enjoy your cannabis and feel the positive effects. Here is all you need to know about concentrates and dabbing.

What is a dab?

Dabs, simply put, are concentrated doses of marijuana. The process of creation is quite complicated. These doses are created by using a solvent that is usually either carbon dioxide or butane to extract the psychoactive chemicals from the plant into a concentrated form. The main cannabinoids extracted in this process are THC and CBD, resulting in an extremely sticky and oily mixture that goes by many names. It has often been called shatter, budder, wax, butane hash oil, and even dab.

What is dabbing?

Now that you know what a “dab” is, let’s talk about what to do with them exactly. A lot of avid smokers will tell you the same thing. You have to heat the dab on a very hot surface to use it. This surface is called a nail and can be made up of anything such as quartz, ceramic, glass, or even steel. The dab vaporizes into smoke when heated, and the smoke from the dab is inhaled. This entire process is called dabbing. This has been around for a long time but is gaining quite some popularity since there is no tobacco use in dabbing.

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Smoking concentrates by dabbing uses convective heating. This kind of heating is smoother, healthier, and more useful than conductive heating. It doesn’t burn off the essential and active ingredients in the concentrate and fully utilizes them. The only accessories you need for this process are dab bongs, a torch lighter, and your concentrates. All you have to do is heat the nail with the torch, place the concentrated dab on the surface and inhale the resulting vapor through the mouthpiece.

The setup of a dab rig

There are many different kinds of dab rigs available in the market these days, but the basic setup of each one is generally the same. A nail (the surface) sits at the top part of the bowl, which is the place where you concentrate. The most important part of a dab rig is the nail. You can even buy nails separately. Just make sure that they fit your bong. These dab rigs usually come with a dome that is a specialized cover for the nail. It keeps the vapor in so that you don’t lose out on it.

Dabbing is considered by many to be one of the superior ways to smoke up. There are many benefits of dabbing that are incomparable to regular ways of smoking.

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