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Factors That Influence Your Tarot Reading

If you are going for your first tarot reading, you need to be aware of certain factors that will have an impact on your reading. Accuracy will depend on how the reader interprets your cards and explains the message to you. However, before the cards are laid out, there are certain things you need to consider.

Your questions should be accurate: For an accurate reading, there should be accurate questions. Your questions should not be about what you wish happens but it should be about what is actually happening in your life right now. The questions should not be based on inaccurate questions or scenarios. If there are inaccurate questions, the reader will struggle with the cards and the answers will be based on inaccurate assumptions. The question should be honest and accurate in order to get an honest answer.

The future is not definite: For a tarot reading, there will be a series of emotions, events, influences, and circumstances. However, the circumstances are not set by themselves. There should be a synergy between the client, reader as well as the cards so that the reader can pull out valid and useful information. There will be no two readers who read the cards in the same manner and there is no way to say that their method is right or wrong. You need to understand that the future is not definite and there will be new decisions and new habits you form regularly. Hence, what you thought to be accurate last month, might not be today. The cards are not wrong but the future cannot be predicted in a definite manner.

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It is all about the present: There are many clients who overlook an important part of the reading. This is about the present. Tarot reading is all about the present and no matter what is happening to you now, it will have an impact on the future. It is only the present where changes can happen and you need to focus on the same. As a querent, you need to understand that the present is more precious than the future which you do not know anything about. According to Sheila Moon from, tarot card reading is a skill that can be learned with practice and the right instruction. This is also why you need to choose an experienced reader for your reading.

The cards will answer your questions: There are a lot of times when you do not get the answer you were expecting from the cards. However, it does not mean that you did not get the answer. The cards will always answer your questions and they will tell you what you need to know and not what you want to know. You need to be open to every possibility and keep an open mind. You will have to trust the cards and accept what they tell you. Try to consider what you honestly want to know and make it a fun reading session.

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Not all readers are psychic: Well there are some readers that are psychics but not everyone. There are many who have learned how to read a tarot card and developed their knowledge over the years through experience and practice. It does not mean that their readings are not accurate. They can recite their interpretations with ease and will also be able to guide you through the reading by explaining the meaning of the cards. Understand the type of reading the reader does and tell them what you expect from the reading. There are some things that only a psychic can do and you need to be very clear about what you are expecting from them.

Tarot readers’ approach: There are some readers who can deliver a reading in a counseling approach and then there are others that deliver a reading in a neutral approach. The reader cannot get into the experience and he has to keep an open worldview of the reading. Be open and honest with the reader and tell them what you expect from the reading so it is easier to work with them.

If you approach the reading with an open mind and are open with the suggestions, you will be able to make the most of the reading. Prepare your questions well and be on point. You might not get the answers you want but you will get the answers you need to know about in terms of different areas of your life.

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