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Fitness Fashion: Styling Workout Clothes According To Your Body Type

Taking care of your health and fitness is the best way to show self-love. Working out helps in controlling weight, improves mental health, strengthens bones and muscles, improves the sleep cycle, and makes your skin look young and fresh.

Spending around 30 to 60 minutes daily for work out is essential for your body. There are plenty of methods you can choose to do exercise, going to the gym, a cardio workout, or high-intensity interval training. However, whatever your way of doing exercise is, it is essential that you choose the right activewear while working out.

When you are doing warm-up or cardio, your body should feel comfortable and relaxed. Just like there are various workout and training programs according to your health and body, there are also different types of workout clothes as per your body shape. Wearing the right clothes helps in boosting your confidence and also in enhancing your performance.

This article will help you in knowing your body type and in finding the perfect activewear for your workout.

Rectangular Body Shape

We all are familiar with the fact that every one of us has a different body shape. The most popular body shape among all is the Rectangular body. The characteristics of the rectangular body are that they are not very curvy, have equal bust, waist, and hip proportions. The waist of a rectangular body shaped person is not well-defined, and the bottom is very flat.

If your body has these features, you have a rectangular body.

For this body type, the main focus is to wear clothes that add curves to your shape. Wearing round seam clothing would definitely enhance your body. The experts at suggest that you should wear leggings that have details such as prints, textures, and color patterns focused around the hips. You can try bright color clothes to enhance your body shape.

Wear the top and bottom in two different, sometimes contrasting colors. You can play around with colors to make a good pair of clothes.

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Add curves in your body

The basic idea to choose clothes for a rectangular shaped body is:

  • Add prints and textures in your top and bottom wear.
  • Select top with an open or round neckline, has pleated or gathered effects.
  • Invest in a good sports bra with built-in pads to lift your chest.
  • Choose bright colors for your leggings that define your hips.
  • Wear trousers which have the round seam on the hips and thighs.
  • Avoid oversized and baggy clothes.
  • Avoid tucked in tops.

Pear Body Shape

As the name suggests, pear body shape has a larger lower body proportion compared to the upper body. It is a very common body shape among women. The pear-shaped body has well-defined hips, a curved waist, and narrow shoulders.

The key idea to select clothes for a pear-shaped body is to define the waist and draw attention towards the upper body as the upper body is usually small and tighter.

Highlighting Upper Body

  • Choose bright colored clothes for your upper body.
  • The top wear should include textures, prints, and a beautiful neckline.
  • Choose layered activewear or vests with bright color underneath. To lift your chest, wear a push-up sports bra. It helps in giving support while you workout.
  • Choose dark colors for your bottoms like black and navy.
  • The length of the top should not extend beyond your hips.
  • Do not wear tops that hide your waist.
  • Define your waist with fitted and princess cut tops.
  • Avoid wearing skinny and tight fitted trousers as they draw attention to your hips.
  • Keep your bottom wear simple, avoid details, patterns around hips and thighs.

Hourglass Body Shape

The characteristic of the hourglass body is that it is equally proportioned and has very well-defined curves. Women with an hourglass figure have a thinner waist than their shoulders and hips. The shoulders are significantly round, and the legs are in proportion to the upper body.

Maintain the body frame

As the hourglass body has a proportional body structure, it is essential that you select the clothes which help in maintaining it.

  • Choose close fitted clothes that show off your curves.
  • Avoid straight cut and boxy top wear.
  • Wear high waist legging that helps define your waist.
  • Select contracting color activewear to add more confidence to your look.
  • Wearing oversized and baggy clothes is not advised.
  • Choose tops with a round, oval, or deep oval neckline.
  • Straight fitted trousers also work perfectly with an hourglass body shape.
  • Also, avoid wearing heavy and thick fabric.
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Apple shape

Apple-shaped bodies usually have a round figure. Characteristic of this body type is that the shoulders and hips are slightly narrower, while the bust, waist, and hips are uniformed.

Defining waist

For an apple-shaped body, you need to select clothes that add curves in the lower half and give definition to your waist.

  • Wear a bright color bottom wear.
  • Choose loose fitted and straight-line tops.
  • Go for fitter capris while working out.
  • Avoid flare bottom wear.
  • Select good sports push up bras to lift your chest.
  • Wear dark colors around your waist.
  • Choose a top with a wide neckline. Having a v-neckline top is a must for you.
  • Avoid wearing a tuck-in top.
  • Avoid tapered and high waisted trousers instead, go for flat fronted.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This body type includes broad shoulders and narrow bottoms. It is the opposite of a pear shaped body and gives a very athletic body look.

Adding curves to your hips

  • Avoid top wear with a wide neckline. U and V necklines are perfect for this body type.
  • Wear bright-colored leggings with some details and patterns.
  • Avoid tight and skinny trousers.
  • Avoid crop tops for your workout.
  • Wear Straight style trousers.

All these body shapes are beautiful in their own way and wearing the right clothes according to your body while working out will enhance your confidence. Moreover, wearing stylish workout clothes that suit your body will help in making your body breathe and relax your muscles and easily accomplishing your fitness goals.

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