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Girls Who Stay Single For Long Periods Of Time Actually End Up Being The Happiest Ones

Ladies who come to the realization that being in a romantic relationship isn’t the sole aim of existence tend to live healthy and happy lives. They go about their daily activities with zeal and passion that is not connected to how some partner made them feel the previous day.

In fact, hoping that Prince Charming will show up to their lives and scoop them up and ride to the fairyland of happily ever after isn’t what they spend their time doing. Things of far more value such as chasing meaningful life goals, get their pupils dilated and their muscles ready to go. They would rather bask in their achievements than lay their heads on the unblemished breastplate of some Prince Charming.

Women in such a state of mind, don’t bother themselves over the length of time the spend single. This is because they are very much comfortable with being alone – in fact, they enjoy it. They would not get anxious over the possibility of never finding a mate because they are too busy achieving their goals.

In the course of their journey, they could and would be attracted to like-minded individuals and who are willing to accept her for who she is. Men who would understand that her passions and ambitions match theirs and as such are as valid and important as anyone else.

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They would naturally gravitate to men who – through their actions and not mere words, make her become a better version of herself. Someone who is doing big things with his life and also has that calm self-confidence that is characteristic of the alpha male. It is also important that such a man isn’t jealous or feel threatened by her ambitions and goals. If she finds such a man, then she would be willing to get into a relationship with him.

These amazing ladies stay through to their identity. No matter the situation they would never compromise their values, beliefs, and dreams. They would rather be alone than living a miserable life pandering to relationship partners who don’t think as she does.

They would only go for fellow like-minded thinkers, who will sharpen them instead of just taking from them. If the relationship won’t better them as individuals then it is a no-no for these ladies.


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