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How To Be A Trained Foster Carer – Effective Tips

Every child deserves a loving home and family. Unfortunately, some children due to circumstances beyond their control do not have such support. Thanks to the system of a foster carer, they stand a chance to grow up in a home and not miss out on family life.

The decision to becoming a foster carer can be perhaps the best decision in your life. You will not only get happiness caring for a foster child, but you will also get monetary benefits. Most children who are registered for foster care come from broken homes or other very difficult situation. It does take a very open mind and welcoming spirit for a foster carer to let their hearts and home up for such children in need.

If you are new to fostering, then some form of training might help you as you will get a clear picture of what to expect as a foster carer. Lisa Witter from Perpetual Fostering explains that all carers must undergo their fostering assessment with the British Association of Adoption and Fostering. This assessment is an intensive but essential part of the fostering process. It can take the BAAF between four and six months to finish their assessment.

Why You Need The Training To Foster?

It is in the better interest to get formal training as a foster carer. This training will prepare you with your ensuing role of a carer. All children are different and have different needs, this kind of training helps you form a bond with all types of children. You also get to learn certain valuable skills that help you cope as a foster carer. Not just the children but your needs are also addressed. How to integrate the child into your family life, as a part of it, is a crucial lesson to be learned.

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The Application Process

Once a social worker invites you to apply as a foster carer, you will have to fill up certain forms. It will act as a consent to run checks on you. Following the process of suitable background check, the assessment will be made on one’s suitability to be a foster carer.

The assessor will evaluate any skill that you might have appropriate or conducive to fostering. Your family home will be visited on a number of occasions. The referees nominated by you will also be evaluated. Once all the criteria are met, you will be given permission to be a foster carer.

Foster Children And Their Feelings

Growing up is hard on all of us. It is especially harder for children who are stuck in unfavorable life situations. They often feel dejected and unworthy, it can give rise to frustration even anger. Dealing with such children will definitely require training as you will be better prepared to meet their needs. Helping children in foster care understand their situation proves highly beneficial for them.

By being a foster carer you will bring in much-needed change and hope into a child’s life who has been feeling lost. It is an important responsibility, it is better than you get equipped for it through training. It will also help you in other walks of life, more so if you decide to become a social worker or a teacher.

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