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How To Detect If There Are Negative Energies In Your House, Using Only A Glass Of Water!

The energy which is present in our home is a mixture of the energies of all family members. The emotions, feelings, and thoughts emit a certain type of energy, but also attract other energies. Hence, the place where we live is full of the energy we and the people around us emit.

Sometimes, the house can be full of negative energy, which can have a negative influence. For instance, and the relationships between the household members will be tightened, there won’t be any harmony, you will be anxious, restless, unlucky and you will no longer feel at ease. These symptoms may be obvious, but sometimes there are other techniques to show you what kind of energy is part of your home.

How to detect negative energies?

There are various ways to detect whether the negative energy is the culprit of your problems and the disharmony in your home. We present you an easy way to detect if there is a negative energy in your home. This technique requires a totally transparent glass without any drawings or cut. Remember that you shouldn’t use the same glass again. Simply follow these steps:

  • Take a totally transparent glass or a vessel.
  • Then, cover 1/3 of the container with some sea salt.
  • Fill 2/3 of the glass with white vinegar or organic apple cider vinegar.
  • Then, cover the remaining third with pure water.
  • Place the glass in a room where you think the bad vibes are more powerful.
  • Let the glass stay for 24 hours without moving it.
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After 24 hours you should observe the state of the glass. If no changes are visible in the glass, it means that your room is free of negative energies. However, if the glass is gasified, has smudged colors or it’s dyed green, it indicates that some negative energy is present. Moreover, if something strange has happened to the container, it shows some energy issues. Therefore, you should strip the contents of the glass into the toilet and let the water flow. Next, you should wash the glass well and repeat the same procedure as many times as necessary. You will notice positive vibes in no time.


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