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Love Story of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

This is one of the most famous couples in the world of cinema. The Italian and the French met in 1996 on set. They are married since 2001, raising two beautiful children. All these years, they have faithfully guarded their personal boundaries, accepting and admitting that each spouse can and should have some private life.

There are various rumors about how their romance began: some romanticize the story of this celebrity couple, while others believe the story the two tell: both Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel confessed that they “fell in love from the first sight.” Vincent considered Monica “another model trying to make a way into the cinema with outstanding breasts,” and Monica found Vincent an arrogant buster. Just a couple of kisses under the camera turned out to be enough for their dislike to be replaced by sympathy. The actors, who played the lovers on the big screens, decided not to become closer immediately. Later, Bellucci admitted in an interview that Cassel did not seem to be a worthy party to her. It was not true love. Vincent seemed attractive to her, but she didn’t feel that she could be sure of him.

Fearing excessive frivolity of her lover, Monica Bellucci decided not to become attached to the French actor. From the very beginning of their romance, the actress clearly defined the boundaries: he has his own life, and she has her own. Vincent Cassel, not accustomed to such a treatment, was discouraged. But Monica had to obey: he still lived in Paris, and she spent all her time in London and Rome. The romance at a distance should have been saved. Cassel offered Bellucci to play in French cinema, which imperceptibly strengthened her professional positions.

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Vincent Cassel persuaded Monica Bellucci to accept the proposal from him for almost three years. Freedom-loving and proud Italian was adamant. Marriage meant nothing to her. She changed her mind only after the actor got into a car accident. At some point, she decided that being a widow is more logical than being a former lover. In addition, the black color suits her more than any other. The actress justified the frivolous attitude to the legal marriage with fatalism.

It is noteworthy that soon after the wedding, the actors went home again: he was in Paris, and she was in Rome. Love at a distance became a habit for Cassel and Bellucci, which was very difficult to change. Relationships of the brightest couple of Western show business can hardly be called perfect. Jealous Vincent suffered from journalists who regularly suspected Monica of romance with someone from the Hollywood beau monde. Bellucci was accused of affairs with George Clooney, Gerard Depardieu, and Bruce Willis, and she did not do anything to refute these rumors. Moreover, in numerous interviews, the actress only stirred up interest to her personal life.

Is it surprising that Vincent Cassel also began to give grounds for suspicion of infidelity? However, Monica Bellucci was not embarrassed by the rumors about his relationships with models and actresses (even with Jennifer Aniston).

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The first child of Cassel and Bellucci was born only in 2004. Monica, who ignored all her husband’s requests for heirs, later repeatedly admitted that the birth of her first daughter changed her life. She was in no hurry to become a mother. She gave birth to her first daughter when she was 39, and the second at 45. At a younger age, she simply was not ready for motherhood. She was not ready to sacrifice herself, to give herself to the children. Monica was absorbed by herself and Vincent, but in the end, when she gave birth, she felt that she wanted to give as much time, strength, and love as possible to her child.

The second kid of Cassel and Bellucci was born in 2010, and, by all indications, the daughter had to strengthen the relationship of the couple. The children greatly changed the relationship between Bellucci and Vincent. They changed them for the better. The couple tried to treat their long-distance relationship with understanding.  

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