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Mayan Zodiac Signs – Which One Are You?

Dating way back to the sixth century A.D, the Mayans had reached their peak in power and have proved to be extremely skilled at writing, pottery and mathematics, which is why the Mayan Calendar is so famous. They left amazing artwork behind along with architecture, which has since been discovered after such a long time since their decline in A.D. 900.

The civilization was located in Mesoamerica, which is now known as Mexico and Central America. When we look back at the Pyramids in Latin America, it’s crazy to imagine what they must have been like and how they lived their lives. Speaking more than 50 different languages, their diversity has proved to be very impressive, especially with a good majority of them being bilingual in Spanish.

With the Mayan calendar, it consisted of 18 months of 20 days, instead of our usual 12 of 28-31 days. This is called the Haab, which is followed by 5 days called the Uayeb however; the day count still adds up to 365.

You might ask, “What about star signs?” which is actually a very valid question. With 20 days for each 18 months, that must alter a lot, right? Well, yes, it does!

Below are the different months. Even though they are listed from top left to bottom right, this is where it gets a little bit different. The sign which hits the start of January is Ch’en, which you will notice is the first symbol on the third row.

You will find many of these calendars that are spelt different and that tends to happen, most likely due to their different languages.

These symbols are rather interesting, aren’t they? Diverse and creative, just like the Mayans themselves. These symbols and signs are fun to learn about, especially when you can discover more about yourself and how you can draw strength when it’s needed.

Below, we have listed each sign and the dates they fall under. Have a look and see which one you are and what it could mean for your personality.

As the first one of the bunch, Ch’en represents the night time, which means, funnily enough, that these people are night owls. If you are born under this sign, you might experience peaks of productivity around 9pm until 4am, where you suddenly get lots of creative ideas that spark an excitement within you. It is said that everything to do with the night is a good symbol for you. Whether that’s nocturnal animals, semi precious stones such as the moonstone or the night’s sky, you can draw energy from this. Perhaps consider wearing dark blues, blacks and silvers to suit your sign and boost imagination and ideas for projects.

The Yax is indeed a lovely sign to be. If Yax is your sign, it means you are naturally open, loving and very giving to people around you, always wanting to help. It’s hard for you to be surrounded by confrontation and you do your very best to avoid this.

Instead, you want peace and tranquillity around you, so you’re very good at reasoning with difficult people that others just can’t agree with. You can bring a lot of good to this world, so perhaps in your spare time, volunteer for a dog or cat shelter. This way, you can feel like you’re doing good deeds that you and others benefit from.

Have you ever witnessed one of those people who just gets up and go? Well, if you are born from February 11th until 2nd March, you could act very much like this. People who have the sign of the Sak are actually very comfortable in their own skin, finding it easy to take on challenges with natural confidence.

Many people could be rather afraid to be out of their comfort zone, however this sign welcomes change and risks. The best time of the day for this sign is the early morning. You might think we’re crazy for saying this, but you could actually be more tired mid morning, therefore earlier is better to go to the gym or run errands. Your sign is the frog because they can adapt very well to water and land, symbolising how flexible you can be.

Keh is all about balance, peace and serenity. Are you someone who wants tranquility in your life with no arguments or upset? Chances are if you’re born between March 3rd until March 22nd, you are someone who is more of a mother hen who likes to restore unity within a group. Even though you aren’t a fan of disagreements, the red storm and Deer tells you to take your fiery passion and ensure you aren’t being treated like a door mat.

A Deer can be vunerable, so allow your Stag side come through when you need it’s power. There is nothng wrong with standing up for what you believe is right. You may find that woodland areas will help you relax and become more centred in times where you are unsure of yourself.

Those born under the Mak sign are ones that tend to confuse people around them. Why is this? Well, it’s because they aren’t as well defined as the other signs in the calendar. If you are this sign, do you find yourself being a bit more secretive? You could be someone who likes to keep things under wraps; therefore you’ll never be guilty of spilling too much information about what you get up to and what you are really like as a person, until you know someone a lot better.

This is actually a good thing because it keeps people guessing and this makes them much more interested in who you are. You love spending time around people but also feel you need to have that alone time very often to gather your thoughts and reflect on goals. So it’s advised that you set aside an hour per day of total alone time to watch your favourite shows or have a bubble bath. This will keep you relaxed, recharged and ready for the rest of the week.

If you are born under the sign of the K’ank’in, this sign represents the sun and the earth, which means you could be a big lover of natural environments, graced by beautiful weather. You could get times in the year where you experience heaps of wanderlust, making you desperate to seek beautiful surroundings to retreat in peace.

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With a spiritual connection to dogs, you could absolute adore to be around them, matching well with their playful and loyal characteristics. It is very important for you to find beauty in the world, so it could be a brilliant idea for you to take up photography and start walking to different locations such as caves, beaches or meadows to capture their exquisiteness.

This sign is balanced between fire and water; therefore thunderstorms are powerful times for you, due to the rain (water) and lightening (fire) which can bring you great strength.

As an individual, you find being honest a very important way of life. It’s essential to be upfront of truthful if you are unhappy or even massively happy with a situation you are in. You cannot stand those who deceive, plus you can see straight through it. If you know something isn’t right, you will speak up for yourself and others to fix a problem and you’re never afraid to do so because of your moral standards.

You do also enjoy discovering things in life, making you a brilliant learner, so many academic subjects will interest you, plus even detective games and puzzles could be right up your street.

People born as the sign of Pax are lucky indeed, due to their spirit animal being the Jaguar, which is considered extremely important to Mayans. Strong, graceful and wise, you make a terrific leader who can bring a team to victory. It’s important that you use this quality when it comes to your career; bringing you closer to those around you and helping them achieve their goals.

People look to you for advice and a lot of times, you already have an answer before they’ve even asked. Prepared and motivated, you see a task and have mapped out different ways to get it done. In your spare time, perhaps organise games that you and your friends can take part in, so you can improve how you strategically lead a team, such as a charity race.

If you are born under this sign, your spirit animal is the turtle, connected to the moon and spirituality. You could be someone who loves meaning in everything you come across. Taking a step further than most, you want to understand people around you and what leads them to act in different ways. You might often think, “Why?” and be tempted to dive deeper in discovering hidden messages and meaning behind behaviour. You could even do this with yourself if you’re unhappy and can’t quite figure out what the root of the problem is.

You might really enjoy activities such as writing poetry and art, analysing the feelings behind it and having a go at it yourself to gain perspective on your own personality or emotions.

Did you know that crocodiles survived past the Mesozoic era even after dinosaurs became extinct, along with most reptiles, too? Well, the crocodile is your spirit animal which has gone through survival and adaptation throughout its existence. Starting from the bottom, it has patiently worked its way into our day and age, stronger than ever.

This is similar to how you could act in many situations. You are not one of those people who expect things to be handed to you on a plate. Understanding that it takes hard work, you are more than willing to work hard and wait until the moment is right to reap the benefits. You’re not a big lover of massive alterations, however you can take this in your stride easily, enabling you to just get on with it.

You might look at this date and become a bit puzzled about Wayeb. It only lasts 5 days, making this a very different sign of the Mayan calendar, when others last for 20 days.

During these very specific days, the Mayans believes that something didn’t feel right and everything was unbalanced. It is said by these people that they thought ghosts would appear on earth during this time, spooking everyone out.

Yes, this might come across as a negative but it actually isn’t. Instead it means that you have connections that go past the earth you live on. You could be very spiritual and interested in the after-life, heaven and reincarnation.

Something great you could do is note down what dreams you have that involve you as a different person, which could help you discover who you might have been in a past life and how you apply it to this life.

This sign isn’t connected to Pop music, before you get excited! This is another sign that excels in leadership, making it easy for them to straighten out issues and lead people to the finish line when it comes to goals and projects. Even though you are excellent at handling people in a group, you still remain very sensitive to how they feel in different situations. This means that if you are a boss or manager, you are loved by the team for your positive nature that is always happy to help. Many will see you as a friend, regardless of whether you’re a colleague, neighbour or new acquaintance.

Earthy and easy going, you’re always up for new experiences and showing people how they can let loose and have fun. Perhaps organise a day out with some new friends so you can learn more about each other whilst having fun!

This sign is very similar to Ch’en and Sak, sharing strength from the night time darkness before the start of the day. You are a sign who has both the Jaguar and Frog as your spiritual totem animals, giving you the best of both animals.

You are brilliant at leadership, just like the Jaguar but you also love a challenge and you’re very adaptable like the Frog. You love anything to do with mystery too, always wanting to discover new places, no matter what environment it is. Great activities for you would be to visit ancient monuments and learn about the different cultures of that time.

Also, try to go out for walks at night time (remember to stay safe) on your own or with a pet dog and discover the peace and tranquillity the night has to offer when it’s at its most quiet times.

People born under the sign of Sip are connected to fire and air, making them very powerful people that are connected to the forest and specifically Deer and Stags, which are your spirit animals.

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Gentle and graceful, you have qualities of the deer to be sensitive and sometimes vulnerable, searching for peace in your life. If something disrupts harmony in your life, such as an argument, you could take flight from the situation whilst upset, only ready to discuss it when you’re ready and calm.

However, with the Stag’s influence, you can actually be very upfront and dominant with brilliant leadership qualities. Red is your power colour, so it would be a good idea for you to wear accessories that reflect this. A good idea for you is to spend time in the forest, perhaps taking a walk or going on a bike ride. These surroundings can bring you a calm feeling, which acts as a good form of escapism from stressful situations or surroundings that you need to take time away from.

Zotz, sometimes spelt Sotz, is a sign that has spiritual animals of the bat and the fish, which are two very different beings but they are both able to move very well in their environments, like the bat in the sky and the fish in the water.

Due to this, your elements are air and water, making you very sensitive and intuitive of the world around you. It’s very difficult to fool you, so you can spot straight away when someone isn’t being truthful. It’s not so easy for others to be able to see beyond the rose tinted glasses and discover the real side of people. However, you only judge when you see a side of someone that is negative but you rarely treat them with less respect, because you don’t think it’s the correct way to deal with people.

As a deep character, you are always thinking of those around you and how things can be improved, gathering different suggestions to come to a solution. If you want to change something for the better, gather people involved and brainstorm to discuss how others feel, so you can gain more understanding about what needs to be done.

This sign is connected to the earth and the sky therefore, it’s likely that you are fascinated with everything above you, such as the constellations, planets and even different spiritual realms.
As someone who is very practical, even if you are involved emotionally in a situation, you can put this aside to come up with an effective plan to act when it’s needed. Other people may not be thinking the way they should when a spanner is thrown in the works, however you are someone who can see clearly through the fog.

For example if you know someone who is in a bad relationship but is trying to cover the cracks with excuses, you are someone who will explain that the lack happiness is the root of the issue, bringing realisation and wisdom to person who needs it. You could be a great counsellor or mediator in your friendship group, so try and strengthen this quality to help others when they could be in times of need. Remember to wait for them to ask first before you go in with opinions about their situation or you could come across as bossy and not helpful!

Similar to K’ank’in, Xul are connected to the spirit animal of the Dog. These animals are very popular amongst humans as amazing companions, providing unconditional love, loyalty and affection that is rarely offered as much by other animals.

However, the Mayans believed the Dog was the key to the afterlife, which would guide you across a path, such as a bridge, helping you pass onto your next life. You might be someone who feels very positive about the possibility of reincarnation or the other lives. Death of a person, situation or chapter in a life is feared to be the end, however you might feel it’s a new beginning, a re-birth, if you will. This is a good trait to have because many are scared of the worst case scenario but instead, you know that even if something bad happens, a positive outcome will happen. Attitudes like this can bring people up who are experiencing great worry in their lives.

If you are a Yaxk’in, you are actually connected to the Mayan Sun God, named Ah Kin.
This God was praised for the protection against disease, darkness and negativity. As a born healer, you are extremely helpful for those around you. Even if someone is having a bad day, it feels as if you can erase the negativity circulating in their brain and replace them with happy thoughts.

Even though you are a very happy go lucky character, boy can you worry! This isn’t good for situations of your own. Sure, you can calm others down but when it’s your own problems, you can get yourself into a panic. You need to remind yourself that worrying actually achieves nothing, so do something that relaxes you. If you’re unsure about what that is, go running, take a bath or participate in an activity, nothing down whether it helps reduce those thoughts.

Just remember, all will be ok and you should seek other’s advice so they can reassure you that your worries are actually all in your head.

Mol is the last sign of the Mayan calendar which would make you either a Sagittarius or a Capricorn. However neither signs are ones of Water, just like Mol is, which again is why it is very different from the star signs we are aware of.

This is another sign that is connected to the spirit animal of the Jaguar, which gives them strength in their lives. You are able to bounce back from difficult situations in your life, turning into lessons instead of failures or past issues. At the end of the day, if something like this has happened, it will upset you, but at the end of it all, you can see how it’s made you stronger.
As a very spiritual individual but also a great leader, you could make an excellent yoga teacher, leading people but also offering them a calm and relaxing experience around you. You will draw your strength from rainfall, so if you have a covered porch or anything similar, sit there when it rains so you can hear the wonderful noises, without getting too wet!


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