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New Moon In Libra, Here’s What That Means For Each Sign

Predictions: New Moon in Libra

Monday, October 16th

Sun in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius, both at 23°

Tuesday, October 17th

Mercury moves into Scorpio

Wednesday, October 18th

Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 1° Scorpio

Thursday, October 19th

Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, both at 26°

12:12 PM PT – New moon at 26° of Libra

Sunday, October 22nd

Mars enters Libra

Sun enters Scorpio

Monday’s astrology starts the week out with an affirming sextile between the sun and Saturn. This aspect rewards the work that we have done. Helping us to integrate our efforts. Helping us to witness the necessities of time and steadfastness. Our accomplishments are worthy of our praise and in need of it. Take a moment to congratulate yourself on the work that you have done well.

Tuesday and Wednesday welcome Mercury into Scorpio as it merges with Jupiter. As these two join forces, they articulate the intensity of this sign. Deeply submerged truths rise to the surface. Secrets, lies, and alibis are exposed. Dirty facts are dusted off and delivered to the public domain.

Scorpio season will hunt relentlessly for, and expose all the reasons why, the abuse of power is so prevalent in our world. In our communities. In our lives. Jupiter in Scorpio takes great delight in magnifying it all. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio sleuths out the situations that keep that truth from being known.

Or accepted as common knowledge.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio will reveal deeply hidden emotions, inner strength and reserves of emotional energy. Stay attuned to them. Stay tracking the subterranean feelings. Stay with the desires that may have been tucked away for fear of being judged, rejected or abandoned.

The new moon in Libra on Thursday initiates us into a new lunar cycle. This is one that rocks the boat. Brings about unforeseen, unsettling and important changes in our situations. Breaks us open. Breaks us down. Breaks the things that cannot withstand the shock to the system. This is not a kind new moon but, with the sun and moon in an exact opposition to Uranus, this new moon is honest in its affections.

We can use this new moon to shake loose from our lives what keeps us out of balance. We can allow the truth to change us. We can remember that, when life gets rocky, it is important to lower an anchor deep down within us, finding the stillness that no one, and no thing, can take from us.

On Sunday, the sun and Mars both switch signs. Mars moves into Libra and the sun moves into Scorpio. Any day with more than one planetary shift is noteworthy. The daily tones take a different vibratory quality.

Mars functions in odd and uncomfortable ways in Libra. The planet that bears its teeth ready for battle, in the sign that bats its eyelashes awaiting a compliment, is a tough match to make headway with. Mars in Libra will have us questioning what to make peace with and what to fight for.

As the sun starts its journey through the mysterious waters of Scorpio, we’ll be initiated into the depths of the dark. What Scorpio reminds us of is that what comes to light is usually just the tip of the iceberg. We must always be asking, what else might this mean? What else might be unseen? What else am I not asking, investigating or understanding? How might I be a better ally to the truth? At this point in human evolution all the ills are being purged, all the poisons exposed, all of the infectious ideologies put on display. We cannot un-know the damage of the systems we live within. We must go through this process of unveiling all of the rotting foundations that our world is built upon. All of the implications. All of the pain, the theft, and the wounds that they cause. Scorpio reminds us that we may not live to see the effects of such labor intensive work, but to forgo it is to forgo the reason why we came here.

We came here to heal. To love. To be loved. Or to die trying.

Your new moon horoscopes are written affirmation style. They are meant to help you set intentions for the new moon. Please change the wording as you need to. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you!

Aries & Aries Rising

My intention is to be honest. With myself. With my partners. With my needs and responsibilities to myself and others.

My intention is to hold no grudges. I refuse to be held back against my better judgement by what I cannot change. I refuse to hold hostility in my heart about what other’s can’t do, didn’t do, or did do. I have too much to do.

My intention is to accept what folks reveal to me. I listen to what people show me. Not because they are trying to trick me, but because most times they are trying to trick themselves. I don’t need to be part of those negotiations. Fabrications. Falsifications.

My intention is to accept the truth as it comes to light. Without needing to make it into something more convenient for me. Without needing it to be something that would make me look better. Without needing it to be smaller in scope or sleeker in form.

I am willing to do the work necessary to feel lighter on the other side of this new moon. A little more open. A little less concerned with controlling the outcome. The narrative. The needs of others.

May this new moon help me to understand that I am a deserving of honest love. Massive love. Redefining love. Soul-satisfying love. Raw love. Real love. Love not hinging on my status or the implications that I have on the life of another. But love for the sake of itself. Because I know that true love moves my life forward in quantum leaps. True love moves my life forward in bounds beyond anything that I can imagine. True love directs my life-force towards all that is possible and then some and that includes the love I have for myself.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

I trust that I will find my way towards a more liberated work-life. One where I feel encouraged to express myself honestly while getting paid handsomely. One where I am able to create healthy habits that help my creativity and feelings of well-being.

I trust that the changes that are happening in my work-life will help me wake up to my own needs. May this new moon awaken me to how easy it is to belittle them. May this new moon help me to commit to listening to them. May this new moon help me to investigate the kind of environment that I thrive in. Day to day. Project to project. Taking initiative the more I feel able to do so.

I trust that I’ll need a little extra support in this disruptive process. I remember the routines that keep me running on time. The routines that keep me feeling alive. The routines that keep me remembering that everything is alright, and all the more easy to work with when I stay in the moment.

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Thursday’s new moon reminds me to set myself up for the success that I want to experience. I remind myself that I am learning a lot about partnerships right now. Partnering professionally and partnering romantically. All of this is bound to have me in my feelings. It is bound to have me feeling upside down. It is bound to walk me around more than a couple of my issues. So I keep myself company on these journeys. I remind myself that I am connected to a deep and wise intuitive intelligence. One that guides me through the difficult decisions, matters of the heart, and my daily dealings.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Creativity is its own reward. It is no means to an end. It is the entire journey.

My creativity has its own logic, timing and meaning in mind. My creative energy has its own tempo and tenderness. Its own urgency and awareness. Its own intelligence and intuitive process.

I create spaces where it can flourish. Spaces where it can converse with me. Spaces where it can awaken me, teach me, and provoke the parts of me that would rather play it safe.

I take this new moon as an invitation to deepen this relationship. There is no benefit to staying asleep to the potential of my creativity. There is no benefit to keeping this energy to myself. There is no benefit to pretending that this power is something that I do not posses.

I let it possess me. Move through me. Claim me as its own.

I am willing to move into the unknown. In my self-expression. In my creations. In my thinking. I shake loose the cobwebs of conformity so that I can weave my own story. I allow myself to fill spaces I didn’t know I had the power to. I remember that I have the ability to fulfill futures I didn’t even know that I could call in.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

There are a million ways to make a home. A million ways to make a family. A million ways to heal my long-held heartbreak.

Thursday’s new moon reminds me to experiment with all the ways in which I can care for myself. Create a nest to nestle in. Herd my folks from far and wide.

Thursday’s new moon awakens me to needs that I haven’t yet taken seriously. Needs that I haven’t yet taken into account. Needs that I have left alone, unknown.

I am committed to knowing myself.

Thursday’s new moon reveals all the ways in which I have been shaken at my base over the past few months. All the ways to help sooth the frayed nerve endings that leave me feeling fried. All the ways to help myself come back to the basics that keep me based in the moment.

This is an invitation to remember the ways in which I am different from my origins. And to be grateful for that. This is a time to remember how alike I am to my relations. And to be grateful for that. This is a time to remember that I can, and need to, be an active storyteller for myself. I get to understand my past from different angles. I get to understand that my future holds untold possibilities. I encourage myself to live in a present that places me between the two.

I take the invitation to understand myself in new ways, envisioning new possibilities for my own resilience. Envisioning a new way of understanding how to utilize all have been given. Envisioning inventive ways in which to get my needs met. Meeting myself where I am at.

Leo & Leo Rising

Thursday’s new moon brings me news to pay attention to. It brings me messages that I need to hear. It makes clear that there are things I need to address immediately.

I don’t let urgent things lay in wait. I deal with what is on my plate in the moment and in a timely fashion.

Thursday’s new moon brings issues that shock the system. Issues that disrupt my days. Issues that help me remember that I am along for the ride, not completely in control of this ship.

Thursday’s new moon helps me to hold the truth close. It reminds me to place it at the center of my life. So that I don’t construct one that is far from it. So that I construct one around it. So that I remember to be grateful for it, no matter what changes I have to make because of it.

I refuse to be complicit in anyone’s lies. Including my own.

The foundation of my life is expanding. I am learning how to heal my past. I am learning how to take up space in the ways that I need to but have felt I had no right to. I am learning that the only way to do this is by being completely, ruthlessly and resplendently honest with myself.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Thursday’s new moon reminds me to stay inventive with my resources. To source my self-worth from my innate nature. From my ability to work diligently on developing myself. From my efforts, come ease or difficulty.

I do not get hung up on my proximity to what the banks believe is my net worth. I teach myself to fish in deeper oceans than those. I take a moment everyday to remind myself of what I am good at doing, what I am working on getting better at. What I am determined to develop. I honor my efforts, because I know that the more I do, the more I will have access to. Resources dry up when there is no appreciation pouring over them.

My love is a downpour that washes away any self-doubt in my way.

I bless my days with the kind of self-talk that can transform my wounds into vaults of knowledge. Sources of strength. Wells of wisdom to draw from. I remember that all words spoken are powerful, but the most powerful among them are those that I speak to myself. So I speak sweetly. Encouraging my best to come forward and teaching the rest of me how to follow.

Libra & Libra Rising

I know that everything is listening. My cells. My subconscious. My environment is always absorbing even the quietest statement that I make.

I leave my imprint on every part of my life.

The way I communicate my fury, my needs, my knowledge, matters. The way I express love, generosity, courage, matters. The way I set boundaries, intentions, and myself up for success, matters.

Every time that I have let myself matter, I have let myself live a little more. Let myself fill out my life a little more. Let myself exist a little more.

I refuse to let anyone derail me of my efforts to do so to the fullest extent. From this moment forward. Thursday’s new moon is helping me to make radical claims. Claiming my life is my job. Claim my space is my job. Claiming the courage to follow what I know to be right is the very least that I can do.

May I remember to release those that can’t hold my heart with kindness. May I remember to release myself from notions of perfection so that I can move into alignment. May I remember that I am worthy of giving myself the space it takes to learn how to love myself. My partners. My path towards both.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

I know that parting with the past is a process. I know that taking steps forward sometimes means I need to revisit what has held me back. I know that revelations take time to adjust to. New feelings need time to connect to. Learning what to do with what awakens within me is an ongoing practice.

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I’m allowed to be learning.

Thursday’s new moon comes at an interesting time for me. With so much expansion occurring in my life, I remind myself that it’s OK to have moments where I retract. Pull in. Ponder the way in which I am interpreting the events of my life.

I don’t want to misunderstand the opportunities that are available to me now. I remember to separate my feelings of overwhelm from my feelings about the unknown. It’s OK to have trust issues. It’s OK to be unsure about the new realities in my life. It’s OK to take things one step at a time.

Thursday’s new moon reminds me to take a moment to myself. To realign with my intuition. To remind myself that I always know what is true for me. I recommit to growing honestly. Not for outside affirmation, but for inner validation.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I awaken within me the power to reach out. To those that can help uplift my work. To those that can help lift my spirits. To those that can help to lift my understanding of my impact.

I want to know how I can do better. I want to know how to be more effective. Want to know how to be interdependently supportive and supported. I know that the only way I’ll learn this is by trying new things out. Taking risks. Giving what I’ve got to those around me that are giving in the same way.

I receive the blessings of community.

I don’t wait for folks to find me. I clear the paths between us. I make it clear that I want to collaborate with those that awaken me to new possibilities. I make it clear that I want to offer what I’ve got to the community pot. That I am willing to risk, experiment, and try something new.

I make it clear that I am not wedded to one way of finding solutions so that those that are innovating them are able to find me too. I make it clear that I can’t compromise on my core values. That I will never give up on my visions for a fair and just future. That I will work at it until I can no longer. But I will never fade my true colors to attract a match. I will never water down my passion. I will never forsake my intuition for someone else’s approval or invitation. I’m willing to meet 1/2 way, but I’m not willing to meet without 100% of my soul intact and on topic.

Thursday’s new moon reminds me that while my visions, ideas and inspirations might be far from, or completely outside of, the paradigms that the world is used to, it is my job to shift the focus, introduce a new way of knowing and move towards conversations that find collective solutions.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

I climb the professional peaks that promise me a greater self-awareness. Why waste my time, my effort, and my energy if I don’t get to understand myself in greater depth and greater breadth in the process?

I trek the treacherous mountain ranges that teach me about a career of accountability. A real challenge will expose all sides of me. My strengths. My bullshit. My beauty. I want to know my whole self through my work in the world. I want to know that all of me is useful here. I want to know that more of me can be brought here.

With Thursday’s new moon I set intentions that will take hold. Intentions that will help me deepen my resolve. Intentions that will help me to remember that my life’s work is about more than just getting what I want. It’s about giving what I have.

I intend to leave this life empty of all I came in with.

My life’s work has its own soul and I am a steward of it. A keeper of it. A parent to it. It is an honor to get to experiment with it. See what it wants. Where it is trying to take me. What it intends to make with me. Thursday’s new moon reminds me not to cling to the known. Not to reach back into my past triumphs. Not to hang my worth on what I have accomplished. Thursday’s new moon reminds me that no matter what stage of the game I am at, it’s still the right time to see what else my skills are capable of. What old paradigms my work might disrupt. What new life can be injected into the world through my work in it.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

While filling out my worldly roles, while learning about my career capacities, while understanding what professional growth awaits me, Thursday’s new moon makes it clear that none of my plans are set in stone.

I need to be flexible enough to work with what life is throwing at me in order to make the most of what life is offering me.

This new moon reminds me of the importance of reinventing the parts of my daily schedule that are in need of new life. Without these adjustments, it may be impossible to get to the bigger dreams that beckon me. I make sure that I am able to keep refining my ways of making it through the days.

Thursday’s new moon asks me to dream beyond the borders of this world. It asks me to break free of the constraints of being purely pragmatic. It asks me to dive off the cliffs of conformity. It asks me to wander into the abyss of the dreams I feel are impossible. The ones that I fear allowing myself to have. The ones that I wish could be true. The ones that I want to be real, but fear will fail me.

Thursday’s new moon asks me to risk my intellectual safety for a moment of soul-seeking. It asks me to entertain my wildest dreams and most impulsive fantasies.

It’s not about having them come true, it’s about being in touch with the part of me that they come from. Allowing more to come through me allows more to come to fruition.

I have faith that within the context of my wildest dreams, there is a reality I am meant to live out.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

I break up with what harms me. I break up with what has warned me that it is no good for me. I break up with devaluing my deepest desires.

I break up with energy suckers. Time leachers. Joy depleters.

I break up with the thinking that keeps me doubting my talents. My creations. My unique way of working. I break up with boredom, and instead push through it into depth. I break up with what refuses me as I am, as I am learning to be.

I pair up with the platforms that give me space to strut my stuff. I pair up with those who have my back. I pair up with those that don’t need to take from others but know how to live in reciprocal exchange.

I honor Thursday’s new moon by remembering that anything worth working towards is worth being transformed by. I am not afraid of change. I am not afraid of discovering aspects of myself that I did not know. I am not afraid of the gods that give me honest reflections. I am only afraid of a life that retreats from such honesty..


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