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Sexy Summer Legs Challenge

It’s not too late for you to build a pair of sexy summertime legs! And yes it’s mainly because, although late June, it doesn’t seem that British summer has started yet. But whilst we patiently wait let’s all do something useful and get to work shaping up our bodies ready to bare all on those upcoming 2.5 days of hot sun!

I’m back in the gym for another series of PT Pause with feature Personal Trainer ‘H’. ‘H’ is going to show us some dynamic movements that’ll surely have us all toned in no time. Did you know the legs hold some of the largest muscle groups in the body, and you’d be surprised just how beneficial it is for you whatever age, size or ability to start building these muscles up now!

So let’s begin…

Building up the bodies’ larger muscles means your body will burn a lot more calories per day, helping anyone who is trying to lose or maintain their weight.

‘When you work the big muscles that make up the core axis of your body–your legs, the large muscles of your upper body (like your chest and shoulders), and your abdominals. They’re your foundation muscles. They burn more calories than smaller muscles, and are also involved in many more movements and functions than smaller muscles–which makes any vulnerabilities or weaknesses they have more influential to your day-to-day health of well being…’

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD

When we talk about toning, and getting in shape the truth is we are primarily talking about the results of building muscle, as muscle is the tissue in the body that’ll give you a defined shape.

Mental health…. It’s claimed that building strong legs can also build a stronger mind! It’s easy for me to believe having, myself, experienced the challenges and rewards of weightlifting, and it has helped me have a more focused, and driven day-to-day mentality. So with that in mind, and now you’ve learnt some basic moves, let’s all challenge ourselves and take on H’s Mini Hiit Workout!

And lastly… well who doesn’t want a pair of strong sexy legs! So don’t give up, challenge yourself and I’ll meet you on the beach… as soon as it stops raining!

By Thandi Ejindu  Via

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