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Some of The Common Myths About Sexual Issues, Busted

Erectile Dysfunction can be one of the early symptoms of other health complications like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and more. Similarly, premature ejaculation can be caused by several physical or mental health disorders, which reduce the level of serotonin in the body.

While some people may believe that popping antidepressants can help them get rid of such issues, some others think that PE issues can only be caused by performance anxiety.

If you’re under such false impressions, it’s time to know the truth.

Myth 1: ED is normal for elderly people

Although a lot of elderly men indeed face problems in getting an erection, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that all of them will have it. On the contrary, many senior men have quite normal erections without any difficulty whatsoever. So, don’t fret over this misconception, as it’s wrong.

Myth 2: ED cannot happen to younger men

Just the way it’s a misconception that all elderly men will have erectile dysfunction, it’s also a rumor that no youth can suffer from this problem. ED can happen to anyone and anytime, as it depends on various other factors like physical activity, mental health issues like anxiety, depression and some chronic diseases.

Myth 3: It’s impossible to control premature ejaculation

Using the stop-and-start and ‘squeeze’ techniques and trying different postures can help you control PE to a great extent. Learn about new postures from various sources, for example at that also explains how these positions can stop early ejaculation. You never know, you may even start enjoying them.

Myth 4: Not thinking about sex can help men last longer

Some men believe that thinking of something repulsive can help them prevent PE. However, there’s no truth to this claim, as many have tried and failed in it. To stop yourself from ejaculating early, you should pay more attention to your body and do it consciously. Diverting your mind and thinking about your boss’ frown won’t help.

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Myth 5: There’s nothing harmful about Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is an alarming sign of more serious health issues. One of the key symptoms of diabetes, nervous system disorders and some hearth diseases among others is ED. While you can always try to increase your sexual stamina by exercising and following a healthy diet, if nothing helps, it’s better to get yourself checked.

Myth 6: PE is a result of psychological issues

Not always! Stress and anxiety are only some of the reasons for PE issues, but there are numerous others. If you have been suffering from it for quite some time, you should consult your physician as soon as possible.

Myth 7: Only medication can treat PE issues

There’s no hard and fast rule about it. If the problem is temporary and caused by stress, depression, relationship issues or performance anxiety, addressing the same can help you get rid of it. You can also practice some pelvic floor muscle exercises that have proven their mettle in curing PE permanently.

Myth 8: Drugs and alcohol help men last longer 

This is one of the common myths that every man with the problem may have come across. However, it’s completely untrue. Smoking marijuana or excessive boozing before sex can never guarantee your sexual stamina. However, it may reduce your desire to have sex all together.

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Myth 9: You can’t conceive in a new position 

Many a time a man may suggest a new position to have sex to prevent early ejaculation, but the women get anxious, as she believes in this myth. Conception has nothing to do with sex postures, as you can conceive any time your partner ejaculates inside you. If his sperms happen to fertilize your egg, you’ll get pregnant. There are no two ways about it.

Myth 10: ED issues can lead to divorce

Erectile Dysfunction can be treated with some careful techniques like proper exercises, diet, and physical activity. There’s no reason to believe that it can lead to compatibility issues and ruin your marriage. Just be aware of your condition and read more on what you should do to reverse it.

Myth 11: Wearing tight underwear can cause ED

Have you heard anything as ridiculous as this? Erectile Dysfunction has no relation to the type of clothes you wear, not even your underwear. Many people also believe that cycling causes Erectile Dysfunction, but there’s no scientific evidence behind these claims.

Wrapping it up

Now that you know what the myths and facts are, you can treat your sexual issues, if any, using careful measures and effective techniques. You need not be ashamed of them. All you have to do is follow the necessary suggestions by experts and gain control of your sexual life with increased confidence.

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