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Stay Sane During Lockdown- Sunshine, Weed & More

As the coronavirus-induced lockdown seems to get longer, staying sane is becoming the biggest challenge for people. The feeling of being cooped up inside your living space isn’t a good one. And the thought that this may not end soon can be even more depressing. But the right attitude can help you cope with stress and negativity. Although nothing compares to the watercooler conversations at the workplace or a round of beer with your buddies in the pub, you can still do some things at home to make life easier. Here are some great ideas that you can try for maintaining your sanity and a positive attitude even during the lockdown.

Soak up the sun

Since you cannot go for your early morning jog, your body is missing out on Vitamin D right now. The best way to make up is by spending a few minutes outdoors every day to soak the sun and replenish the supply of the sunshine vitamin. It is easy to step outside in the backyard or balcony and get the early morning sunshine. And you can add foods such as whole eggs, liver, fish, and mushrooms to load on vitamin D supplies. At the same time, they have more good fats to speed up absorption. Foods like eggs with yolk, milk, soy milk, cheese, oatmeal and other fortified products help.

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Exercise, meditate and dance

Staying active is something that will keep you healthy and happy even when you are locked up indoors. Since you can’t sweat it out in the gym or the jogging track, start an indoor regime with aerobics and weights. Don’t forget to do some meditation because mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. Yoga, breathing exercises, and tai-chi keep you relaxed and stress-free. Dance is a great stress-buster, so you can get moving and grooving with a romantic dance with your partner!

Get high with weed

Whether you want to try one of the cannabis products in the market, now is the best time to do it. More so, medical marijuana can work wonders if you are dealing with a health issue like chronic pain, depression or insomnia. Look for quality cannabis products around you so that you can easily procure them for having a good time in quarantine. For example, you can check 420DC if you want to know more about dispensaries in Maryland. You may even find the delivery services in your area and order products online if you don’t wish to step outside.

Revamp your living space

Another great idea to make productive use of your lockdown time and enjoy is as well is to revamp your living space. Start by decluttering your home, getting rid of the stuff you don’t need, and donating it to people in need. Ensure that every nook and corner of the house is clean and germ-free. Open up the windows, slide away from the curtains, and give your living space a dose of fresh air every morning. Try a DIY project like creating a vertical garden in your balcony. Rearrange the living room furniture, clean up the kitchen closet, or paint a wall that looks forlorn.

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Lockdown is all about retrospection, so take it as a time to do things that you’ve always wanted to do, things that make you happy. You’ll surely be able to get through more easily than you believe!

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