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The PROS And CONS Of Dating Each Zodiac Sign

Aries pro: will fight all your enemies
Aries con: will also fight you

Taurus pro: will cook for you
Taurus con: will eat most of it themselves

Gemini pro: charming and sweet
Gemini con: still charming and sweet to people you don’t like

Cancer pro: always wants to cuddle
Cancer con: literally. ALWAYS. wants. to. cuddle. (no bathroom breaks)

Leo pro: fabulous
Leo con: you look like trash next to them

Virgo pro: good hygiene and always on point
Virgo con: points out when you’re not

Libra pro: wants to marry you
Libra con: people better than you want to marry them

Scorpio pro: is always on time
Scorpio con: always complains when you’re late

Sagittarius pro: super fun
Sagittarius con: does super fun stuff without you and tells you about it after

Capricorn pro: will get a puppy with you
Capricorn con: will hog puppy to themselves

Aquarius pro: will tell you all the cool stuff they know
Aquarius con: will tell you all the boring stuff they know

Pisces pro: will let you cry on them
Pisces con: will cry on you more (bring a raincoat)

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