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The Signs At The Movies

Aries: shouting at Gemini for talking, shares popcorn with Aquarius

Taurus: silently eating a jumbo box of popcorn all to themself

Gemini: trying to tell Pisces all the spoilers because they’ve already seen it

Cancer: clinging to Taurus’s arm, knocking popcorn everywhere

Leo: telling Cancer to stop being so jumpy, throws popcorn at Scorpio

Virgo: scouts for cute boys in the cinema with Libra

Libra: sits wherever to keep the peace, fangirls over a boy actor with Virgo

Scorpio: roots for the bad guy, cheers at the death scenes which receives angry glares from Aries

Sagittarius: exchanging sarcastic one liners with Aquarius

Capricorn: handing out tissues to Cancer and Pisces

Aquarius: wondering how Pisces can be crying already, discussing all the movie mistakes with Sagittarius

Pisces: intently watching the movie, being over emotional

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