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The Top 5 Common Excuses That Men Use When They Cheat


The Top 5 Common Excuses That Men Use When They Cheat

Is your bae cheating on you? We don’t know. All we know is that worrying about it won’t prevent it from happening so it’s better to live your life.

But just in case you’re getting your Nancy Drew on and trying to prepare a case to dump his ass, here’s some good intel for you — and it comes straight from cheating website Ashley Madison, of all places.

AM surveyed 1,491 Ashley Madison of its members to ask them which excuses they use most frequently when they’re cheating on their wives or girlfriends.

The truly scuzzy part is that 50% of survey respondents said they use the same excuses every single time they cheat. So if your boyf is “working late” every night for no apparent reason, something fishy might be going on.

Here are the most popular excuses men give when they’re cheating. And always remember: if you’re constantly worried that your boo is cheating, that’s no way to live for either of you. You should probably break up, whether he’s actually cheating or not.

1. Working late: 32%

Ugh, could they be any more cliché? Who does this guy think he is, Don Draper?

This excuse is especially messed up because you can’t exactly get mad at your boo for being driven and wanting to create a future for the two of you — and we’re sure those are the excuses he’ll give when you press him on why he’s suddenly working late all the time.

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2. Going out with friends: 21%

This is also the perfect crime for a dude, because if you give him shit for going out with his friends without you too much, he gets to call you controlling!

Still, this is where having a dude who’s into social media is actually not annoying for once. If you’re suspicious that he’s cheating, at least you can cross-check his Snapchat story with where he says he’s gonna be.

3. Business trip: 15%

Faking an entire business trip just to cheat on your partner is a seriously sociopathic move. If you catch a guy doing this, run and don’t give him a single second chance.

4. Going out with colleagues: 14%

Bet these guys are also cheating with their colleagues. It’s funny how dudes can’t seem to multi-task unless it involves sex!

5. Going to the gym: 9%

I mean, this one’s easy. If he claims he’s going to the gym three times a week but he’s still got a dadbod, you know WTF’s going on.

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