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This Artist Nails Beautiful Bond Of The Father And Daughter Relationship

A dad-daughter relationship is indeed a special one, a daughter’s first superhero, idol, teacher, a role model is her dad. Growing up, what a father teaches her daughter becomes permanently etched in her memory, and she remembers those words for her lifetime. But unfortunately, not all girls receive the blessing from God in the form of a dad.

Ukrainian artist Soosh recently painted several pieces that perfectly describe a father’s relationship with his little girl. The images are both heartwarming and all-too-accurate. Soosh’s father was not around when she was little. Her illustrations prove that she has thought long and hard about what the relationship with her father should have looked like. “Part of the education for my kiddo who I want to grow up to be a good man is to understand what it’s like to be one,” Soosh told Upworthy.

#1. Sleeping Next To Daddy

No matter how much room a child takes up on the bed, a dad will always sacrifice his space to let the little one sleep.

#2. Getting Tucked In

Every dad knows if his daughter has to hold his hand, and he will sit there all night if he has to.

#3. A Free Ride

No daddy-daughter relationship is complete without a free ride on the shoulders.

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#4. Fun Time

Every dad knows if your daughter gives you a cup of invisible tea, then you drink it.

#5. Game Time

It’s important to teach your little girl games that involve strategy and sportsmanship. It doesn’t hurt to let her win every now and again.

#6. Daddy’s Are Real Life Superheroes

A father acts like a real life superhero. Serving as protection from all of the scary things the nighttime brings.

#7. Enjoy The Ride

Anything can be turned into an amusement ride for a dad’s little angel.

#8. For Daughter’s Sake

Daughters are the only people dads will turn off their tough-guy image for. They will do whatever it takes to make sure their little girl is entertained and smiling.

#9. It’s Daddy’s Turn

Even if the hula hoop doesn’t fit, a good dad will still attempt to play with his daughter.

#10. Dads Do The Hair

You know you’re a good dad when you can perform a beautiful braid while your girl is dancing and moving about. Learning to braid a daughter’s hair is Daddy 101.


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