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This Is What Being Faithful Means Because It’s More Than Not Sleeping Around

Being faithful is more than sleeping with just one person, kissing and hugging only one person. It is more than keeping your hands to yourself.

It means deleting all the numbers of potential girlfriends from your phone because you don’t need them anymore. You are taken now and the rest of the world should know that.

Being faithful means telling every girl that is hitting on you at a bar to “back off”. It means showing your wedding ring like a sign of protection—a sign that your heart belongs to someone else.

Being faithful means having open communication with your partner. It means telling her that your ex called and invited you out for dinner but you said, “No”. It means that a new colleague from your office was checking you out all day but you didn’t respond to her. It means knowing all the pros and cons but still staying there.

To fight against all the bad stuff life is putting in front of us.
Being faithful means not crossing the line.

I am not saying you should close your eyes in front of the other girls but you can’t behave the same with them and with your girlfriend. If you do that, it doesn’t make any sense. Your girlfriend is being lumped together with the rest of the girls.

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Trust me—that is not going to make her feel special. At all. So, you better think twice about your actions.
You are allowed to text someone, to like their photos on Facebook, or to have friends of both genders.

But if you are hiding your texts with another person from your girlfriend, it means there is something there that your girlfriend shouldn’t see. If you leave sexual comments underneath another girl’s picture, then something is wrong.

Just think how your girlfriend would feel if she finds out about that. She would be worried, insecure, confused. She knows that where there is lighting, there is thunder. She can feel that because she knows you damn well.

She is the one who finishes your sentences, so don’t think that you can deceive her.

Please, bear in mind that being faithful means more than never letting another person into your bed. It means never letting another person into your heart.

Being faithful means being totally satisfied with the fact that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the same person. It means that you will do everything in your power not to make a mess out of your lives.

Being faithful means not listening to your friends when they suggest you go and dance with that girl that has been checking you out the whole night.

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It means thinking with your head and not with your dick. Because even if you have an affair, there will be something of hers there between the two of you—Her hands to push you back, her lips to bite you. You will feel that her spirit is there. And you will feel guilty if you do it.

Be a man and make a life decision. If you can live with one lady only, that is great. If you can’t, don’t cheat on her. It is better to tell her you don’t love her anymore and let her go. You know, she will get tired of all your affairs, and she will just pack her bags and leave one day.

Remember—there isn’t anything worse than the rage of a betrayed woman.

So, be faithful and get the only thing we all want in life: Someone to hold our hand when we die.


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