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This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

Quite simply, strong women get attached so easily because most human beings get attached to them so easily; oftentimes, merely flirting with a strong woman is enough to cement an attraction indefinitely. And it’s not even close to just physical attraction; many human beings find the words, gestures, actions, and thoughts of strong women in general to be incredibly captivating, consuming, and even electrifying.

However, the effects strong women have on other human beings also affect the strong women themselves; indeed, after virtually all actions, reactions of similar magnitudes usually result.

Strong women have reciprocated the thoughts, feelings, and actions of their beholders before—and they’ve discovered countless times that the juice often doesn’t end up being worth the squeeze. However, as mentioned, the impact strong women have on other people causes these women to feed off the energy which is returned to them after they have given their unique and enlivening energy to others—and strong women can’t resist the power of their own energy any more than the individuals who originally received it could.

So, as can be seen, it can quickly become an endless chain reaction and cycle which is destined to continue until the strong woman finally interacts with a partner who is strong enough accept and share their energy wisely.

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But this is OK, because strong women always have strong and genuine hope. They realize that eventually, another human being who has held door open for them or praised their outlook on life will have acted out of the genuine urge to be kind, honest, and positive—not out of the urge to experience the most amazing and enjoyable night in bed that they will ever experience (not that this isn’t the case when strong women want to provide it).

However, strong women do understand that there are some aspects of dating them that would likely be perceived as being negative. As discussed, most other human beings flock toward strong women after only seeing them, only hearing them, or even after only sensing that there’s a strong woman at the centre of a crowd of other individuals.

Even though most strong women are 100% loyal, they also know that it can be tough for anyone to observe their partner enjoying the company of so many other people—and to observe just how much other people are enjoying the company of their partner.

But although strong women know all of these things, they also know that it shouldn’t change who they truly are as individuals, and they won’t allow it to change how they act, think, or feel. Strong women require and demand intimacy, genuine emotion, direct communication, and honest acceptance and release.

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When you think about it, most people might be surprised that strong women require so many things to experience deep, thorough, and highly meaningful happiness—and that strong women continue to attract so much love despite these lofty needs. Yet, this remarkable truth doesn’t surprise strong women at all—at least not anymore.


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