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What Happens 1-Minute After You Die?

106 People Die Every Minute. Do you know where people go when they die?

It is the greatest mystery that has haunted man since the dawn of creation. Where do we go when we die? The great Harry Houdini tried to solve the answer to this question for many years. Active and well known for his efforts in exposing the trickery of the fraudulent mediums that had successfully fooled scientists and academics, the general public became well aware that Harry Houdini did not believe in spirit-communication. But despite this, before his death in 1926, Houdini left his wife a message. He said that if there was a way to escape the place he would go to when he died, and communicate with her, then he would. Houdini was concerned that spiritualists and mediums would attempt to exploit his legacy by claiming to contact him after he passed, and despite his doubts about spiritualists and mediums, Houdini was convinced he, if anyone ever could, had the ability to communicate with the living. But Houdini never contacted his wife after his death. Wherever we go, we do not communicate with the living from there. But so we go anywhere? Watch this video below and decide for yourself….where do we go…when we die.

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