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What Is Your Personal Soul Number For 2018?

Our soul number, or personal year number, can help us understand what the next 365 days of our lives will look like. Numbers have a lot of meaning in our lives, but we just have to do the work to interpret what they mean.

In order to calculate your soul number, you just need to follow this simple formula:

First, add up the month and day of your birth, and reduce it down until you have one digit. For example, my birthday is July 18, so it would be 7 (7+1+8=16; 1+6=7).

Then, you’ll want to do the same thing with the calendar year, so for 2018, we would get 2 (2+0+1+8; ((2+1=3+8=11)); 1+1=2).

Finally, add the first and second numbers together until you get a single digit. So, in this example, we would get 9 (7+2=9).

After you’ve gotten your soul number, read on to see what the coming year will bring into your life!

Here’s what your Personal Year Number means for you:

Personal Number 1

This year is going to continue to hold the theme of new beginnings for you. This was a universal theme throughout 2017, however it is going to continue for you as you work through 2018. This is the perfect year to think about building and creating new things for yourself. It is the perfect time to start new ventures or a new job, and to really begin laying the foundation for what you want to achieve. This is the perfect year to focus on self-development and to find your independence. It is a year for you to really begin building a new life for yourself in both small and big ways.

Personal Number 2

You are going to be in harmony with the vibrations of this year, which means you are really going to have a great head start when it comes to building a strong foundation in your life. This year is also going to be centered on partnerships for you. This may be romantic partnerships, but also the partnerships and relationships that you form in business as well. This is a great year to team up with other like-minded souls and to surround yourself with people that support you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Personal Number 3

This is a year to really get your ideas, thoughts, and feelings out there. If you’ve been thinking of writing a book or starting a blog or even taking up regular journalling, this is going to be the perfect year to start. You are really going to be encouraged this year to share your truth and to connect to that intuitive voice within. It is also a good year to do anything creative, or anything that allows you to express your true self. Finding your truth and speaking your truth are all going to be strong themes for you this year. You may also have to open your eyes to the truth if you have been avoiding things and really learn how to trust your intuition. This is a very powerful year for you and will really help you to strengthen your intuition.

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Personal Number 4

You are going to be called to work hard this year and to take responsibility for what it is that you want to achieve. You are going to have to take all of your ideas and actually apply them in order to move forward. Even though this year will require some hard work, you are also going to feel extremely supported and connected to the Divine. This is the perfect year to really connect with your Spirit Team and to trust and remember that you are always supported. This is also a great year for really getting in touch with your intuitive side and learning to follow through on any instincts you have.

Personal Number 5

This is a very creative and fun-filled year for you. You have been working really hard these last few years and now you are going to be given some breathing space so you can relax and enjoy! This is also a very abundant year for you, so don’t be afraid to go after what you want and to really stand up for what you are worth. Travelling would be very powerful and insightful for you this year, so see if you can plan a trip somewhere totally different or adventurous. Spending time in nature would also be really great for your energy this year, especially if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Remember, the focus for you this year is to relax and enjoy!

Personal Number 6

This year is all about connecting with your family and paying attention to your health. It is time for you to mend any broken chains within your family or to look at healing any family wounds. Family bonds can be tricky to navigate, but even the intention to make a change within you can have profound results. Creating a sense of “family” in your life is also going to be important for you, so work on building a strong support team around you. It is also a great year to start a new eating plan or to start a new exercise regime. It is also a great time to take care of any nagging health issues and to pay attention to the wellbeing of your mind, body, and soul.

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Personal Number 7

This is a huge year of growth for you and it seems that you are really going to be able to advance in consciousness. A lot of the work you will be doing this year seems to be on a spiritual or emotional level. You are going to have new ideas and perhaps even new philosophies about life. Your thoughts and ideas about things may change and your belief system may be revamped. It is the perfect time to learn something new, take a course, or research topics that interest you. Try not to be locked into anything or rigid in your ideas, as you may find it hard to balance yourself. The key this year is to keep an open mind about everything. It is also the perfect year to develop psychic or intuitive gifts.

Personal Number 8

This is going to be a year of manifestation for you. You have done a lot of growing in previous years and now you have a clear understanding of what you want and what it takes to get it. Whatever you set your mind to this year you are likely to achieve, so aim high and go big. You have a lot of Universal support on your side this year, so trust yourself and know that you can achieve it all. Even though you have a lot of cosmic support, it’s really important for you to stay connected to your intuition and to remember the road you have traveled. Honoring your past and just how far you have come is going to be an important part of finding success this year.

Personal Number 9

This is a year of endings for you. Projects may come to an end or even a way of life may come to an end. It seems that you are wrapping up or closing the door on a cycle this year so you may be feeling a sense of closure or a sense of needing to find closure. This is a powerful year for you where you can really start to close doors on areas of your life that are no longer working for you. This year may bring endings, however know that with every ending also comes a new beginning. There is so much potential and opportunity for you, but you first have to do away with the old. Be gentle with yourself this year and really allow things that are no longer serving you to melt away from your life. This year, the focus is really going to be releasing so you can make way for the new.

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