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What The February 2018 New Moon Means For Your Creativity

While the waxing moon phase is a slow build up of energy, filling you with power and dynamism until it reaches a peak with the full moon, the waning moon phase is a steady decrease of that energy, restoring and relieving you of your heavy load. It is on a new moon that you are granted with a clean slate and the clarity you need to leave behind the past and begin again. Within the realm of astrology, the lunar cycle is an important surge and decline of our vitality, pushing us to work hard and then allowing us necessary time for rest. What the February 2018 new moon means will inspire you to make a plan for your artistic and intellectual goals.

On Feb. 15, the new moon in Aquarius will be an especially transformational one because it’s happening at the same time as a partial solar eclipse. While new moons always symbolize a fresh piece of paper for you to write on or a new path that you can venture through, solar eclipses signify a new journey altogether. Think of it this way: If your life was a play, a new moon is the next scene, but a solar eclipse is the next act.

Now that I’ve sufficiently talked this new moon up, let’s find out what it will mean for you:

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The Dawn Of A New Idea

On Feb. 15, the new moon will be in Aquarius, the most eccentric and visionary of all the signs. This will make the new moon all about thinking big — even bigger than yourself. You’ll be receptive to new ideas and they’ll appear to you everywhere, like a huge net is trailing behind your soul, catching ideas like butterflies. You’ll be asking yourself, how can I help others? What social issues do I care about? How can I make a fulfilling change for myself that will make a positive impact on the world?

This new moon is closely tied with Mercury, meaning that communication, the articulation of your thoughts, and exchanging ideas with others will be its central theme. You’ll want to surround yourself with developed minds (people who are as amped up to make a difference as you are), and you might just join forces on an even bigger project. Regardless, there’s no reason to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Jupiter will also square the eclipse, meaning that your ideas will bring you immense satisfaction and happiness. If your ideas are truly embraced, it will make a vital impression on your life’s journey. However, it also prompts you to narrow down your ideas to the few that mean the most to you. Stay focused and remember, these ideas don’t have to be as big as running for president or going to law school. Even the simplest projects make such a difference.

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The Deepening Of Relationships

Another significant theme of this new moon/partial solar eclipse combo will be the desire to forge strong bonds with others. The energy of Juno will be meshing with the moon, meaning that marriage and partnerships will be on everyone’s minds. You will likely feel more in touch with your deepest needs, making you feel more drawn to those who suit your soul, to the people who bring out the best in you.

Juno’s energy brings out the feminine in us all. This will soften our edges and make us all more receptive to the quirky and eccentric characteristics that often arise in everyone on an Aquarius new moon. Now is the time to unabashedly be yourself, for it will lead you towards people who appreciate you for who you truly are. The Aquarius new moon is all about being strange and finding others we can be strange with.


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