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What’s Your Deepest Fear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology can provide deep insights into our psyches. After all, the stars rule our emotions, personality, and character to a great extent. The can often guide us towards what we seek, and determine what we fear, or run away from. So, below we present an analysis of your deepest fear, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Feeling trapped.

Many Aries people are commitment-phobic because they hate feeling bogged down or controlled in any way. This is why they rarely stick to the same job, the same people, or the same city. The reason is that they fear feeling trapped into a circumscribed space, be it mentally or physically.

Taurus: Change.

Taurus is a sign that is all about predictable, stable routines. They don’t expect the unexpected, or care for it much. In fact, they get so comfortable in a routine that they IGNORE changes. So when something new disturbs their patterns, they are suspicious of it, because this sign fears change.

Gemini: Reaching a point of stagnation.

Leading a routine, mundane life is something you cannot reconcile with, Gemini. You seek variety and freshness in life. Obviously, this means boredom really depresses you. Hence, you fear reaching a point of stagnation in your life, when every day is like the one before.

Cancer: Poverty.

Cancer is a sign that is all about security, be it emotional or financial. They fear not having a home to go to at the end of the day. They fear not having the comfort that comes from being able to buy food to fill their stomach. Living in poverty is their biggest worry even if they are millionaires.

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Leo: Being ignored.

You, Leo, are an entertainer at heart, who lives for the reaction of the audience. So, when the people around you don’t acknowledge what a star you are, it pains you. Being ignored, or not being given the attention you so need, is something you fear will hurt your sensitive ego.

Virgo: Facing your flaws.

Virgo people are very self-conscious and aware of their flaws. They often hide this by criticising other people and projecting their insecurities. But when someone criticises them and tarnishes their picture-perfect image, Virgos are extremely embarrassed about facing their own flaws publicly.

Libra: Loneliness.

Libra is the sign of marriage, and a lonely Libra is an unhappy one. They seek partners in every part of life, be it love or business. So, when they have to navigate life alone, without sentiment and romance to fuel their spirit, they become quite heartbroken and unlike themselves.

Scorpio: Failure.

Many people think that a Scorpio’s biggest fear is betrayal. But, in truth, they hate all kinds of failures, and betrayal is something they see as a failure. They see it as their failure to see through people, and their failure to control a situation.

Sagittarius: Your freedom being restricted.

Sagittarians don’t like any restrictions on their freedom, be it when it comes to movement, expression, or thought. They hate the idea of having to compromise on their liberty to live life the way they want to. So, losing their freedom is one of their biggest fears.

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Capricorn: Public humiliation.

Your reputation means everything to you, Capricorn. You care about what the neighbours think and what people higher up say about you. You fear being ridiculed by society, because having superior social status is important to you. So, you don’t like your social position to be threatened by public humiliation.

Aquarius: Conforming to social pressure and losing themselves.

Aquarians are all about individuality. But, when social institutions threaten to beat that rebellious spirit out of their system, they get scared and depressed. Buckling under social pressure and losing that part that makes them unique, is something they deeply fear.

Pisces: Abandonment or rejection from someone you love.

Pisceans are all about giving love, and they love it even more when people respond well to their love, with more love. Any kind of rejection of their affections breaks their heart. Even more than that, being abandoned by someone they love really hurts these sensitive souls.


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